1. ~*Logan*~

    Top game on YOUR christmas list is only 20 days away. Which is the top game on your list that you want most? Me....its a tie between Shadow The Hedgehog (for the cube) and Mario Kart DS. I didn't like Double Dash all that much but I played a demo of Mario Kart DS and its very easy and fun! As for...
  2. PiXel

    Whoho happy christmas!

    Link... the faked Link uppps.... its aint christmas xD but i thought that cuz of my model: UPDATE BELOW! lol yep its an elf :P and you gues who xD i worked on it today for 3 hours and only this day :) hes on the polycount of 2002 tris (beh me bothers the 2 tris) im going to pimp...
  3. S

    The Physics of Christmas

    1) No known species of reindeer can fly, but there are 300,000 species of living organisms yet to be classified. While most of these are insects and germs, this does not COMPLETELY rule out flying reindeer which only Santa has ever seen. 2) There are 2 billion children in the world (persons...
  4. RavenTrunks

    War on Christmas?

    This may be on the religious thing thats in the aup so before anyone posts, I would like to have a mod/admin approve or disaprove. so please noone post untill a mod/admin gives an ok. If not then please close this saying its not right. Thanks, and sorry for any inconvinience. Was watching the...
  5. E

    What's for Christmas?

    Name what you want (or what you know you're getting, whichever be the case) for Christmas. Keep it appropriate however, noone wants to hear about the new sex blowup doll you're getting, or whatever... If you know you're getting something, putting a check beside it helps. My Wish List This...
  6. Optimus Prime

    What do you do on Christmas Eve-Day/Eve.

    For the past two years, what my family has done is seen LOTR: The Two Towers and Return of the <s>Jedi</s> King. We go sometime mid afternoon 4ish, and the theatre is extremely empty and we can get awesome seats for an awesome movie. Then, we end up at home sometime in the evening, and we...
  7. Kurisutaru

    For the Christmas Spirit ^^

    All these images were scanned becuz I did not have enough time in school to email myself the files. My scanner is smaller then the posters. I drew all images. Artwork (c) me Crits and comments welcome. ^ this took about 30 mins or less because no time. I hate this one but.. ^^
  8. B

    Merry Christmas all

  9. G

    christmas tree thread- the first christmas thread this year! :)

  10. G

    What Did You All Get For Christmas!?

    I got Dragon Ball Z Budokai for Gamecube and its way better than the ps2 version im stuck beating %100 Frieza...I also got a nice watch and some new deck powell mini logo with tensor trucks,bone redds bearings,spitfire wheels ^_^ What ya'll get?
  11. OubliezJe

    Merry Christmas

    MERRY CHRISTMAS and a happy new year :) :talk:
  12. Enix

    who got budokai 2 for christmas?

    someone started a thread on budokai 2 a while ago and i dint want to get in trouble be "reviving" it so i start a differant one thats a little bit differant. i know budokai 2 came out around the 2nd but some of us dont have the ability to whip-out 50$ out of nowhere :rolleyes: . so who got it...
  13. X

    Christmas Signature

    'nuf said. critz please
  14. R

    proper crimbo/happy christmas

    i wont be posting until we get into the new year now as im off 4 a lot of family visits and, well x-mas stuff so im wishing all esf players, forum veiwers, mods, and of course the esf team merry christmas and a happy new year have a proper crimbo thank you please :laff:
  15. Reptile

    christmas present?

    lets see if the esf team is giving us a present for christmas, like they did last year, it would give me another reason to run from my famili :laff: :D :fight: suprise me us :p
  16. I

    What do you plan on getting for christmas?

    Well its a little over a month away and i wanted to see what people have on their minds I already got Smackdown: Here comes the pain wrapped up for christmas... What im getting for christmas: authentic redskins and falcons jersey with my name on it, a ring and necklace with my initials...
  17. Enix

    What i want for christmas

    I wanna be a MOD. <p>Why I should Be a Mod: <p> im nice to noobs <p>i am a good judge <p>i dont like when noobs are getting flamed <p>i listen to actual mods <p>i've been a good boy. <p>LOL (seriously i want to be a mod Please Please Please!)
  18. Tassadar

    Christmas Goku lol

    lol, my first shot at a skin, it will probably be my first and last, took me about an hour cause im so god damn stupid. Anyway, I guess credits go to the original goku modeler/skinner. I figured out how to do it in all colors but I thought red/green would look interesting lol. This was just a...
  19. Rebirah

    Christmas money

    ok now that christ mas is over I have gotten all my money and it rounds up to 405$. I wanted to buy a new comp but they r alot and people tell me building your own is cheaper. I know some of you will say just upgrade the one you have now. At least i think.. But I cant upgrade, because my...
  20. DarktoothDKD

    Merry Christmas

    YAAY! Its christmas day! and hurray for all! I hope you all got what you wanted for this special holiday. Enjoy it as much as possible! :p