1. EliteMarine

    What are the New Chars of ESF Final?

    I never asked this before, but I already know that all the chars from ESF Open Beta Final are going to be in it, are there gonna be more Chars added? If so what are they?
  2. E

    new chars on esf 1.2.3????

    I was just watching videos on youtube and I saw in esf 1.2.3 characters like vegetto,broly,ssj3 goku thought,how the heck did he do that?I poster just to know and try if it works.And will something happen if I use them?I mean,froze(the game),or lagg,errors,etc.:confused:
  3. D

    i need help when add chars for esf

    i have ecx rc2 big pack 8.4 and ive downloaded alot of packs and when i extract the file into esf the game doesnt load plz help
  4. L

    seeable coustom chars for everyone

    when u now choose a coustom char.for example the gohans of super vegetto. then these gohans got a own name: orange gi but when u play,then the other guy just sees a normal gohan it would be cool if it would be made possible that esf checks for the coustom names.and when someone takes the...
  5. A

    NEED dbz chars tutorial

    so can someone give a link to a tutorial of some dbz models or can make yourself if he can because i realy want to model dbz model but ... i cant :cry: and for this im writting here thinking , that someone can help me thanks:)
  6. Vash_Locke

    1.3 new chars request

    All I Want for 1.3 is ither Bojack or Gotenks One or the other cuz i love em both or a fused form of both of them like Botenks hehe just kiddin but serious gotenks or bojack just say ull think about it. it would give me hope thx peace Vash
  7. -Blaze-

    Talk about naruto chars

    Tell what you think of your favorite naruto heroes Naruto- Well, he is stupid, he makes everyone to laff, but when there's real trouble, he becomes cooler than the others, even Sasuke. :rolleyes: Sasuke-He always acts cool, with his hard work he becomes ever stronger, but he can't become...
  8. F

    A couple chars i thought up!

    I was bored so i made a couple characters. They are medieval characters too! Don't laugh i you dont like em though! Name: Schariom Gender: Male Height: 8’5 Personality: Schariom is the exact opposite of his sister. He carries around two swords, One of fire, one of blood. He is a...
  9. B

    New chars in 1.3

    Hi, is that true in 1.3 we will have Tien Shin, ginyu, guldo, reccoom, etc (all frieza special forces) and c18? thats the new chars? one more question songoku will be able to transform to his last transformation that occurs in Dbz when he fights BuBu (with that big big hair)?
  10. .Maze

    Start descended for Undescentable chars.

    You all know that Cell/Krillin and Buu cannot descend in game. Well cause some chars cannot descend there arent been played with(writing suckz cause im german :p ) well im only saying what i would like to have. once your ascended with one of these you cannot descend, so when your killed...
  11. S

    Why doesn't the team want to implement Movie chars?

    Well Title says it all I think its ridiculous.
  12. B

    ss4 ss3 for chars who didnt go in the show

    Even though Gohan and Trunks never went ss3 or ss4 he should and it would be kinda cool if they could turn into the monkey. Trunks should be able to go ss3 and ss4 just design them ur selfs or have a contest and the best picture of ss3 gohan and trunks and ss4 gohan and trunks u guys could use
  13. U

    a combo for all transformed chars.

    this idea might and would make the game more fun and real. if there was a button you could have that does 2 things. 1) push button duh 2) teleports around enemy several times making a wirl wind trapping enemy 3) while traped you swoop *automaticaly* and you fly in and attack you punch...
  14. A

    Fusion chars -Read b4 close plz-

    Ok this is not the suggestion that's like "add fusion!!!" This is the suggestion: I would like Fusion Charecter's. In title screen where you choose charecters. Not where you fuse just custom chars like vegetto gogeta gotenks etc.. All I want is vegetto gotenks.... That's all!

    DBZ: Final resistance chars (please read)

    I think you all know the game dbz final resistance, i don't ask for the game but everbody says the chars from the game are seperatly aviable so I wanted to know where to get them, can sombody tell me where to get them? If it is allowed to post links here to help me, please post links, otherwise...
  16. B

    will different chars have a bit different styles in 1.2 mele??

    will different chars have a bit different techniques in 1.2 mele?? like wil vegetas and trunks styles be exacly te same or a bit different o_O in oter words wil trunks be able to do som combos that nooone else can do,same wit oter chars
  17. A

    adding 2 new chars

    i know it dont sound like a very good idea but in like future consideration when or if u guys add in new chars could it be like android 17-18 or dr. gerero or however u spell it or anything that deals with the cell saga pretty much because it would be kinda cool if u could be something other...
  18. T

    First pages of my manga

    Hey, inspired by the works of David (DBNG) I' have started a fanmanga aswell and I have allready uploaded a couple pages (don't have a cover yet, If you have an idea for a cover just post it) So take a look and I would like to know what you think of it. But please don't tell me that I'm no...
  19. S

    Want to know how to add more people to your ESF?

    Well i do too. I recently downloaded a model that i wanted to add in my ESF but not replace anyone. Now don't tell me this is not possible because i remember reading in a thread that it is possible and that you can access your guy through the console. So if anyone knows the thread or how to do...
  20. R

    Can any modeler help me?

    Hey, I've been playing The Specialists for a while. And I have looked, and looked but have found no amazing Raiden, or Snake models *mgs2 chars* for the game... I have some modeling skills.. but not enought to make them good. So if anyone would liek to help that'd be great