1. catfish

    Map idea - Inside Buu

    I just had this one pop into my head. A map that is inside Buu somewhere. If this has been suggested, i tried searching but it said "buu" is too short and had to use at least 4 chars for a search.
  2. MaX

    Make Chars here

    My Chars name Would be Shinran: "donthave start hp higher then 140" Starting Hp :125: Starting Ki :1200: Attacks _____________________________________________ :0pl: Ki Doomer "like a ki blast but it goes up in air right infront of oppenent and drop on there head" :500pl...
  3. N

    esf chars

    ok which order best defines the skill needed for each char (noobest at the top, 1337 skillz at the bottom) 1 cell 2 frieza 3 vegeta 4 trunks 5 goku 6 gohan 7 krillin 8 buu
  4. [SSj]~Piccolo

    New Chars

    Well, I know, there are about 6357454 threads about new chars. But I'm going to summorize most of them and re-list the missing characters: Most important are: - C16 - C17 - C18 - Tenshinhan - Son Goten - Nappa - Radditz - Yamchu - Muten Roshi / Jackie Chun - Pan - Ginyu Quite...