1. Rocky

    Silent Bob! I challenge you!

    Well, we've been meaning to do this for a while now, so I decided to create my super ultimo fighter. When you're ready (and i'll make you ready!) post your bio here. You can also find mine there somewhere at the end. I'll see you at the fight!
  2. Brim

    New Challenge

    After taking down Arthos, I need another challenge...preferrably someone who is already in decent rankings So...bring it bishes
  3. I

    Open challenge

    Yup . . . .
  4. Avenger

    Challenge for all, anyone who wants can accept

    Ok, I need some more experience in this stuff.. Accept if you want to humiliate a n00b in Fight Club...
  5. S

    Open new challenge

    Open challenge to someone relativley new to fightclub only whoever accepts can you post first.
  6. Torlon

    Torlon's Open Challenge

    I figure it's about time I made an attempt at this any one care to show me the ropes?
  7. Avenger

    Once again I make an open challenge

    I was wondering if someone wanted to fight me? I need the training ^_^
  8. Loki

    Open Challenge

    Its been a while since I've been to these forums so I just wanna have a kind of warmup challenge, so if your uber-1337 please don't come in here just to crush a nub =P I don't care who refs either.
  9. I

    Hwoarang... I challenge you

    :devgrin: I request Cuc as a ref for this match
  10. Avenger

    Open Challenge..

    I just want to try this stuff, sounds like fun, anyone that wants to fight me?
  11. A

    Open Challenge for my Secondary.

    Getting back into the swing of things with the fight club again, being one of the first member when It was just a couple of threads in Off Topic. But now I'm back. Having two fighters, I decided it wouldn't hurt to have them both engaged at that same time. With My main character, Arthos...
  12. Brim

    Open Challenge

    So I need a distraction and warm up for the royal rumble...thusly I am accepting any challenger for a little fight. I'll sex you even if I win!
  13. Eon

    Another challenge while taking on seman..

    ET! Let's go Brawr! you ready for this? :o EDIT I request a special judge..HWOARANG!! ET agrees also :o
  14. A

    Open Challenge

    I hope I can do this right... This is my very first match. Someone can challenge me if they would like. To mod's/ref Yes I read the example/rules just tell me if I do something wrong.
  15. BliZZ

    open challenge

    I wanna try out this fight club dealy. Any takers?
  16. Vejimaru

    Back Again. Open Challenge to anyone

    Like Title says, I'm back and issuing a challenge to anyone who will accept
  17. I

    Another open challenge

    If it can be helped, this time can I be spared from the onslaught of people like Cuc and Engar :laff:
  18. TehMuffinMan

    oh noes! another open challenge

    the fightclub silence is getting to me! someone calm me down and knock me about for a few posts <:/ /me uses "more serious bio" for the first time D:
  19. I

    Open Challenge!

    Fight club is really lacking fights. so i issue an open challenge to anyone!! dont be too harsh
  20. I

    An open challenge

    Come one and only one to waist your time kickin my ass :S