1. M

    Challenge PpC

    I'm going to be running a listenserver, playing esf. If anyone wants to come play, the IP Address is . Keep inmind, if your melee whoring, i know how to kick ok? ( We will just leave it as that ) +PpC+Gohan / +PpC+SSJ-Gohan
  2. G

    a challenge

    can i please have some esf servers so i can challenge you guys and see how good i am, can you handle it
  3. M

    super mario kart challenge

    Anybody every play super mario kart for the snes? If anyone lives in the austin, tx area. There is a $50 jackpot if you can beat me in battle mode. First to 20, win by 3. For the record, ive never found anyone close to my level. Career Record 6304 W - 310 L Average round times...
  4. Majin Vegeta 05


    hey any one want to challenge me ? i haven't played any one online ive been playing with my brother on a lan game and i wanna try out my skills and try out for a clan post here server day and time two day is my birthday :)
  5. Final Vegeta


    Yo i know im new but i played esf for quite awhile i want to challenge some dudes here who think there good, and fight me do you dare to fight Final Vegeta???? Hrhrhrhrrhrhrhrhr........
  6. V3g3t@


    wont it be cool that you can challenge a playyer like in JKII the others cant hurt you with a countdown for power struggles and stuff greetz V3g3t@ plz reply
  7. E

    Challenge to -NightShade-

    Played you last night on the server. Had a great time, hoping for more fun power-struggling :) If only those other darn rats wouldn't get in the way :D
  8. S

    Clan challenge

    Who would like to challenge the SSJ3 clan just answer to this post.