1. Arcader

    New Score in: Chopper Challenge

    Lfs is the new Chopper Challenge champion, achieving a highscore of: 1979.000! Head over to the Arcade to claim your trophy - Play Now!
  2. Arcader

    New Score in: Chopper Challenge

    Z Power is the new Chopper Challenge champion, achieving a highscore of: 1757.000! Head over to the Arcade to claim your trophy - Play Now!
  3. Arcader

    New Score in: Chopper Challenge

    Prozac is the new Chopper Challenge champion, achieving a highscore of: 1560.000! Head over to the Arcade to claim your trophy - Play Now!
  4. Dawntilldusc


    Nicodemus is posting an open challenge. He's definitely new to this, and needs some xp. Trying to bring life back to this place. So yeah, fight me if you want.
  5. -Origin

    The Super Mario 64 Challenge. I've got no idea what these guys are saying, but I'm laughing my ass off. This is awesome.
  6. R

    Challenge: Story mode

    Will be nice if have how to do the story mode on esf. The game will be more nice if have the story to play, Starting with GT saga and ending in Z Saga. What do you mean? I want what have a game mode: Sagas GT and Z. If not possible yours can make this game mode using as inspiration the...
  7. KelesK

    I await a challenge

    As the title says, I need to get back into this. Whomever decides to accept this will receive all I have to offer.
  8. ZaNTeX

    Open challenge

    As the title states, this is an open challenge. First one to accept, gets the match. ^_^
  9. Avenger

    Ruger Man...

    We started something years ago. It's time we finish it.
  10. Deathshot

    Police Car Challenge You can see where they messed up though with the Last car... His stinger on front broke off but when he is coming around the corner it was still on. :P Gave me a good laugh.
  11. sub

    Is it dead in here or what? [er.. spunky, I challenge you!]

    Are we still allowed to do these things? If so, I challenge Spunky.
  12. S

    Dominance war mini challenge thing

    Not gonna win any prizes with it, but was fun regardless
  13. gildiaswise

    LOL i have a challenge for you modelers

    Okay you the challenge is.......... more of a request :) Make a custom model of piccolo. Make him super man LOL then people who always says that goku kicks superman ass can really have some fun kicking supermans ass lol. I mean he already has a cape, laser vision, flight, and super...
  14. Kaination

    Kaination's Gallon Challenge.

    So, friends invited me to a gallon challenge, and I went. For everyone unfamiliar with it, it's where you chug a whole gallon of milk in an hour, then hold it in for an hour after you finish it. \o/ edit: Skyrider, fix the embeding D:
  15. Avenger

    The Return... And a challenge.

    Arr, I've returned. For too long have I haunted the ladders of this FC with my 12000 points, which I never really actually earned. I ask that only a "newbie" accept this challenge, not one of the guys who already have thousands of points. I'm not particularly good at this, I just got lucky...
  16. Growler

    Pepsi Art Challenge

    Here is my entry
  17. Growler

    Pepsi Art Challenge -Discuss
  18. Avenger

    Another bloody challenge.

    Engar will take a bit of time, since he has one or more fights as well as an actual life on the side, therefore I have another challenge. Again, I don't fight fast battles.. I'm a slow writer. And Cuc, before you come in here shouting 'ARR DIE!', I don't want to fight you just yet =P As in...
  19. Kaination

    Well I want another challenge yo!

    I guess this could be another challenge. **The person must be patient** Allow up to 2 weeks before me posting, because I have school and my teachers fail at realizing they all give over excessive hw <_< So, anyone up for these guns?! /me flexs
  20. Avenger

    Another open challenge.

    Patience is needed, I'll use a week, perhaps two on this.. I wouldn't mind fighting someone a little new to this, as I've come out of retirement at this myself. I request Engar as a judge, and a location that's not too hard for me to imagine. (If you check my Bio, only Avenger will be...