1. Coder

    Gohan vs Brolly!

    Hi, I decided to make a new video ^^ I hope you will have a fun. I haven't much time this week (school) but now I'm going to post there often. Now see Gohan vs Brolly ^_^...
  2. Coder

    Brolly vs Buu in ESF

    Hi, I'm new here but I follow ESF since 2007. I can't wait for the Final release and probably i'm not the one. I made it few months ago, That was hard to record it myself, there was more but i deleted it. Have fun ^^
  3. S

    Brolly's Rebirth! Hell's God!

    First Chapter: Brolly's Rebirth! Hell's God! Brolly’s Rebirth! Hell’s God! A sudden outburst of energy flowed threw the area as a building started to crumble into the hard destructed cemented ground. Rubble flaring outward as dust picked up, a hard gut-clenching scream echoed threw the...
  4. El legendario

    Bio Brolly

    I suggest a new transform on broly , bio-BROLLY like the dbz movie 11 i think it will be cool char = )
  5. N

    Suggestion About Brolly

    I think Brolly is so nerfed.... He sould be remaked to be more realistic.. He sould be more powerfull.. Its a big shame that one of the most powerfull character is so week in this game.. If you make a new model of brolly to download that sould be great.... Thanks a lot
  6. Tenzo

    Rigging Brolly model for 1.3

    Can someone rig the 3 ecx brolly models [normal,ssj,ussj] for esf 1.3 openbeta? because they're high quality in my opinion! :) edit: well...anyone?? :)
  7. U

    brolly vs majin vegeta

    who would win this match?
  8. B

    MatiasG New Brolly Pack I need it

    Hi i need the MatiasG New Brolly Pack because this is the only one broly pack that have 4 transformations all other broly pack have 2 transformation and i need this pack that have 4 brolly transformations thx
  9. D

    Brolly vs Goku this is the best video of brolly and goku it is one of the best and tell me if you like it
  10. dany_goku

    Brolly normal form

    This is my Brolly.
  11. Majin_Spyke

    Lssj brolly problem

    hey guyz i have a problem: when i replase ssj vegeta with lssj brolly (gg and kama) the lssj brolly has some problems:when i pres E(powerup) he swims and almost all the sequences are prety messed up can anyone help me?
  12. U

    if cell game and brolly invate in reality

    will u join the tourment to against cell and save the day? will u actually throught ur life in arena?
  13. Growler


    It's been a while... I haven't been able to do much on the crappy laptop I am provided with... So here is my first skin in the works... *I know the shoulder blades are touching, I will fix that *I will fix the discoloration on the arms and chin
  14. Z

    I need data for Gotenks and Brolly

    Im working in the characters brolly normal (Original GodGundam adn Kama sjj,ssj2) and gotenks ssj3 (Original Kreshi normal ,ssj) ... In this moment i can use that characters whit krillin and trunks... Gotenks - Krillin (Original Vegeta) Brolly - Trunks (Original Vegeta) I lake Vegeta and...
  15. Growler

    BTL - Brolly

    Ok, here is the full model as of now. ---------- I am trying to skin it. I am having some trouble applying the texture and I don't know what is wrong. So I have my maps all laid out.. (I know that there are some overlapping problems, I'll deal with that later) So when I go to...
  16. ReCkOninG of FirE

    Brolly again >_>

    This model is movento's he tweeked his old one a bit and i just did a few more tweeks so i'll show it around before i get to uvmapping him and skinning him since i have never seen the movies in which brolly is in, its kinda hard to get him right so im lookin for constructive crits :)
  17. Grundig29

    Brolly models

    Does anyone know where i can get brolly models except for
  18. G


    I wish you'd add brolly even though he's a movie character he's one of the coolest characters I've ever seen and I don't see why its such a big deal not to have a few movies chars in ESF 1.3 Close this if you want I just wanted to make an opinion about this particular character.
  19. I

    need brolly models!

    who can give me brolly models? i want change krellin cuz i hate him :p he so weak,dont know why we need him in esf. plz i need brolly ssj1 2 3 4 if there is ! plzz :D
  20. I

    brolly in esf 1.3 :

    in esf 1.3 will be the brolly?