1. D

    Question about ECX RC2

    Hey guys, how you doing? I hope you're all fine! So, i need help with a little something: First, what is the ECX RC2 CCI? I can't find anything about this on the internet. And, can someone give me a link to download the ECX Bots code? Thanks in advance, and I love what you are doing with...
  2. J

    How to add bots in dedicated server? (ESF 1.2.3)

    How to add bots in dedicated server? Hi all, I open this question, How to add bots in dedicated server?. No, try everything, set the file Game.gfc, and the Conando numbots "2", bot_skill "" 1 ". The previous command, are always activated, but when you add the bots via console "addbots"...
  3. I

    Help|can u pls tell me where can i find normal bots for 1.3 openbeta?

    i am using the bots from 1.2.3 but after few min it crash can someone give me link for good bots that doesnt crash the game :D ?
  4. B

    Bots for 1.2.3 ECX RC2

    In ECX RC2 there only 9 bots... It's not fair so I'd suggest to program bots for all characters, it isn't really hard.. But alone I can't do anything... I need to someone post a software with what it may be possible to code em.(I'm not searching ESF Bot 4.1) Thanks
  5. Z Power

    When two bots meet... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH
  6. M

    ESF Open beta bots

    hello everyone, When Im making a new server and try to put bots the game suddenly crashes and says: "MESSAGE_END called, but message buffer from .dll had overflowed" what can I do to fix this?
  7. IFlip92

    ESF 1.3 Final Bots?

    Maybe this question has been asked quite a lot but I can't seem to find a definitive answer using the Search function and believe me I have tried. Will ESF Final have AI Bots to play against? Again I am sorry if this has been asked "OVER 9000!" times (see what I did there xD?) but maybe there...
  8. F

    Borrowing bots

    I have really enjoyed playing ESF especially the offline portion with bots. I recently came across a Naruto mod for HL but the team never finished the bots for the single player. Is there any way I could do some kind of cut-and-paste and use the ESF bots and their programming in the other mod...
  9. Ghost_Ryder

    [Question] ESF Bots

    Why bots (EvoliutionX, Non Steam Player,, and other) were created ? Which connects to the Non-Steamed servers. Sorry for bad English.
  10. Sicron

    Creating own characters, but with a twist using bots

    Now, we all know that we won't able to create our own characters in this game with out ESF's "consent" because it would possibly hurt the balance of the game. Well...not possibly, it definitely would. But that made me start thinking. People want "single player" mode, people want Brolly in the...
  11. EvolutionX

    ESF ECX RC2 Bots!

    Are the ecx rc2 bots exsist (i mean the bots can be broly, uub, bardock...) . Someone says the ecx rc2 bots are 4.1 if it is it how to use them?
  12. hleV

    Bots in Dedicated Server

    I want bots allowed in dedicated server.
  13. EvolutionX

    Bots in ESF Final?

    Will be there any bots in esf final?
  14. E


    Hi everyone I am just curious if you can put bots with brolly,bardock,etc. classes.I have esf ECX and when I choose to put a custom bot it only shows me:the only first 9 characters. P.S:I do not really want help,i'm just curious.Sorry if posting in the wrong section.
  15. N

    I have a question..

    Hey, I have a litlle question: Can i add bots to my server? because i want to play with my friend and we are only 2 so i want to add bots to the server.. If yes tell me how please.. THanks.
  16. R

    Need some help

    I don't use steam I use ESF 1.2.3. with ECX RC2 with Big Pack 8.4 I have Half-Life 1 w/ ESF and a Half-Life+CS1.6 combined version I use Router All drivers u2d 2 things i want to ask 1., How to evolve to SSJ4 with Goku or Vegeta? I have 25 million KI in _normal_mode (so in ssj3...
  17. fululu


    Hello guys need much help of you, how do I add new models to bots. In my esf bot there are only 9 players, how do I add such broly and how to play against broly bot.I 9 tried to change the bots, but not geti.there a tool to edit and add bots? I watched a video on which shows the...
  18. G

    fatal error with open beta 1.3 final

    FATAL ERROR with 1.3 final FATAL ERROR MESSAGE_END called, but message buffer from .dll had overflowed. can someone explain? i played ESF 1.3 with bot , then fatal error is appear. how i to do ? i like to play ESF 1.3 with bot
  19. Syed Noman

    Crashing with bots

    hi guyz, when i add bots my efs crashes and error comes. please help me with this
  20. S

    Adding Bots to Dedicated Server

    Does anyone know the commands to add bots to a dedicated server? Thank you.