Meh bored so ill write.

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Dec 2, 2002
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Ignore the spelling errors if your capable, doing this for a few mins in a hurry.

His hands tremble as he reaches out for the door, a door that marks what was his only motivation for becoming what he is today. Looking at it as if the blight of the world was being held at bay by this peice of steel and bolts knowing that he is the only one who is capable of the task at hand.

His body quivers in spite of all the hard work, the years of training. Fear tearing at his soul, his body bubbling with sweat. He searches his pocket for that note, the driving force for which he came to be.
"The demons of this world to be held at bay by one man in which all hopes now rest." sweat stains cover and smear the once clear and magnificent lettering.

"The time is at hand." he clutches the note in his palm, his nuckles whitening from the strain.
"Now is the test of my true will. I will succeed!" His eyes glint with an umistakable power seeming to be screaming behind his gray eyes.

He places his hands against the door, and begins to apply presure. His hair floating slightly behind him, feet digging into the ground. The legendary portal stood fast still, mocking his strength, mocking his convictions. But the door had little knowlege of who and what he was, many before have tried to gain entrance but none of his kind.

His body shifts, his eyes glaze once gray now beginning to darken, turning a shade of red which no human could ever concive, the earth around him quakes as his body pumps full of energy. His hands creating indents into this steal passage, the hinges shimmer breafly, cracks appear around the edge from the force of him. A shadow of a smirk appears faintly on his mouth as he pushs forth the steel frame splintering and crushes inwards sent back into the depths of darkness.

A sigh of relif whispers from his mouth "So it begins, the climax of my journy started so many years ago. My destiny is to be completed... for what ever the outcome may be"

Standing up straight he shakes the bits of steel shavings from his cloths and hair then takes a step into the darkness. Stepping through the door was like walking into a silk sheet, a slight resistance as he slid through. Not even the light three inches from where he stood now penatrated the barrior.

The blackness was crazed. He could not fathom the absence of anything nothing filled this room but the essence of death that clouded his mind.

He stedied him self, focusing on the area around him. The walls of this blackness began to shimmer, his eyes yet again finding a new color, this time an ungodly shade of yellow, bright as the sun peircing the night allowing light to flood his mind.

Looking around with his new sight he wasnt sure which was better now that he could glimpse this truly unholy place. The walls were sickenning, stained with blood, flesh stren about splintered and broken bones thrown everywhere, pools of bile filled the corners. Some form of demonic language on all the walls.

A slight glint catches his attention, he bends over his cloak ruflfuling slightly. It was a ring, a Silver etched ring with more of the symbols. Standing up he drops it into his pocked.

"Well, what am I going to do? Stand here all day... its best to get moving the sooner the better." Speaking outloud to the depths.

Walking for what seemed like miles down the endless twisting coradoors, no end in sight, only an increase stench that filled his nose tugging at his stomic.

He continues on torches now starting to appear on the walls. He finaly enters a large colasium. Nothing that he has seen in his life compared, even the great Roman colasium was a joke. It was massive the top was unseen as he stood at its chain gates, piles and piles of rotten flesh filled the center.

"Well at least i know where the smell is coming from. Some one should really clean up this mess, maybe ill have a talk with the house keeper." laughing a bit to him self as a door crunches open a must follows from within.

A voice fills the room echoing off the walls and piercing his ears and his mind. "Who do you think you are? Coming to this place is death. You shale become familier with that very soon.. Nothing can save you now to late to run to late to escape my grasp." Sickening laughter fills the room the ground shaking. "You will know the fate of so many others who have come before, you will join my vast decor." another booming laughter as he hears steps moving forward the ground around him shakes with its force.

Moments later the torches blow out the a mass of bodies thrown to the sides as the owner of the voice steps ahead, the massive creature moving side to side.

Now standing in the center of the ring the beast was unimaginable. Towering above him like so many mountains stacked atop each other, his body was stained with blood, nothing human was found in this creature at all. His legs were massive mounds of collected flesh open soars maggots dripping from them. His mouth full of thousands of teeth ment for tearing and nothing more.

"Well, Well. Arent you a beauty!" Yelling up to the beast as he walks ahead his eyes glimmering turning different shades with every step "I didnt know what to expect coming here but you sure are somthing."

Lifting his massive arm from the ground and sweeping it twoards him with all his effort "Don't mock me mortal!" conecting with him sending him sprawling into the stands crashing into a wall in the back, the stadium trembles with the force of the impact.

Smiling he stands up, brushing the dust from his cloths. "Aww come now, you have to have a bit more strength then that. Thoughs arms cant just be bags of fat can they?"

This is really rough, not really that great but meh I felt like putting somthing down. If I come back in here ill try and make somthing better doubt this one will have a continuance. I normaly do better then this but this is what came out when i started to type so there you go. =)

Well I continued it a bit, maybe ill finish this battle at some point during my break, tell me what you think. I know its still lacking a lot, but what do you expect when a person just sits and writes with out any forthought =P anyhow have at it.
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I like it, a lot. :)

I didnt see any gramar or spelling errors but my english isnt really that great.

Feel free to write more.

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