1. H

    Blocking and special combos

    Are the new special combos (forget their name right now) block able? If I'm following the video right, the specials are not stoppable by the normal melee, is that right? But are they stoppable with normal blocking or something else? Also while I've got this this thread open. Will...
  2. IFlip92

    ESF:F Blocking

    So, we haven't heard much about it. Will it work the same way as 1.2.3 did? Or should we xpect something that uses the bonus points too? I mean it would be awesome and balanced if you could use your bonus points defensively as well as offensively. Will you still be able to block struggle beams...
  3. BlueSaiyan

    More realistic suggestion for SAM blocking

    a SAM block could use less than 100% of the bar, whatever feels right as I don't know it's pace... and I think against a beam it could instantly repel it, no matter the strength of it even if it's someone else's SAM beam... and against a melee, it could initiate a throw attack instead of the...
  4. BlueSaiyan

    Suggestion for blocking premature beam explosions.

    This is about how you are able to explode a beam at will by using the right mouse. I'm sure that won't change, but can we atleast block most of the damage from a cheap blast like that if we were holding block when it exploded? Majority of people run for their lives when a beam gets anywhere near...
  5. BlueSaiyan

    Suggestion for SAM Melee and Blocking..

    I'm sure there's some form of SAM melee in the works already (saw SSJ3 goku), so this is about countering it. Perhaps if someone uses a SAM block (a block that could instantly repel any beam, and also...) at the same time someone uses SAM melee... or perhaps this would only be when two people...
  6. Disguise

    Animations for blocking Ki Attacks

    I was just thinking it'd be cool if the animation used to block a ki attack depended on how strong it was in comparison to you. If it was a strong attack that you'd have a slim chance of winning against, then you'd put one foot behind you and the other in front to brace, hip turned to the side...
  7. Plakman


    is it possible to make the blocking time faster? previouse time i saw someone comming and i blocked atleast i pressed the button imediatly but my character didn't block -_- same happend while trying to block a beam on the last second... could it be possible to block at the same moment the...
  8. D

    Blocking Splash

    I believe that, while blocking, you should also block splash damage from nearby sources. Maybe to balance it out a bit, it deals ki damage. One of the more annoying things about the current system is that blockstruggling is not really useful. Who's going to waste Ki and give their opponent a...
  9. SailorAlea

    Direct IP Blocking

    Hey. Does anyone know how to close a direct IP connection that's open, using Windows, or a simple program? Simply deny an IP access, close the port, etc? Thanks.
  10. Herms

    A really good blocking idea

    well, this is really basic you know if your flying at some one and they throw a ki blast or a gen ball you shold be able to swat it. so basicly being able to block while swooping but every block takes enegry. If hit with a beam attack (or really strong ball attack) you go into a BS unless you...
  11. Hamppu

    Even newer blocking thing

    so. basicly when u block a generic beam. u just block it and it goes back to the cordination where the shooter did blast it.. just alitte other way.. lol well anyway. what im suggesting is that when u block the beam. u just do the same animation but the beam doesnt go straight back. but just...
  12. KidMan

    New Blocking Idea

    Ok so it just came to me. Instead of grabbing a beam and them sending it back how about this: Goku is fighitng Vegeta and Goku shoots Vegeta with a kamehameha. Vegeta doesn't want to get hurt so he blocks it. Instead of just grabbing the beam and pushing it back, he powers up his aura and the...
  13. D


    i think blocking should be something thats a lot easier to do, i mean, all the guy does is put his hands up. you should be able to put up a block sometime soon after being attacked instead of being endlessly smacked around.
  14. S

    Beams, Blocking, and Ki Barriers

    I am going to make this a very simple post seeing as I am feeling too comfortable, and lazy right now to post a full well constricted post. Ok I am typing too much already talking about whats going to be in my post instead of what my post is. Beams - In esf if used wisely is a great tool for...
  15. Shao

    First Person Blocking

    I'm not sure if fists and feet can be seen in first person ESF the way it is in other games, but I think it would be neat if the following feature was added. In first person, you can never be 100% sure that you're blocking. Sometimes if you hold your block button after stopping from a swoop...
  16. imkongkong

    Making a difference between BLOCKING and DODGING melee

    im suggesting when arrows pop up during advanced melee, you can either choose between DODGING (current system) and BLOCKING. dodging would work as you just press the arrow to match it. blocking would be pressing the block button in advanced melee and ONE arrow would then automatically fill...
  17. Ravendust

    Enhanced Blocking

    This suggestion is to enhance the blocking feature, i'm sure you could've got that from the thread name. Defence: Basically when blocking energy attacks, a small invisible field of ki is layed out in front of you that slows down energy attacks before the blockstruggle begins. This...
  18. P

    Blocking trans

    Has the team ever thought about being able to transform while you are in a ps?
  19. I

    Blocking Animations

    Hi there Simple ie When Goku is blocking the Sprit Bomb instead of crossing his arms and blocking maybe you could him pushing the Sprit Bomb if win the struggle then he could punch it away. Also you could have disc struggle as well if win you chuck it back at them. Thanks
  20. D

    blocking problems :|

    well im just starting to play and its a gr8 game.. im starting off with bots first.. cuz its hard enough aginst them :laff: ok anyway... while im a melee combat i have some troubles =\ 1st: there is the toss atk that other chars do to me... they just grab me spin me around and throw me.. but...