1. Painkiller

    [Old PotW] [POTW] ESF 1.2.x Blob Bug

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  2. Disguise

    Ki Blob: Dressed to suppress

    In 1.3, I think Ki Blob attacks, not the bubble mind you, should only do stamina damage for the purpose of keeping a "no stamina" player downed longer. You could fly backwards and create distance to buy yourself some time to charge an attack. I think it'd be complicated, yet possible, to make...
  3. DJ-Ready

    de Blob

    Just found this thread on forums showing off a game made by some students. Just played it for like 30 minutes and I must say its a quite fun game to play every now and then :) Probably good for kids as well go check it out :)...
  4. liad

    small bug with ki blob

    when u have a ki blob and part of it(or all of it) is underwater.and the character is also underwater,the ki blob doesnt drop your hp for example:i shoot a ki blob and its underwater i stand inside the kiblob while im underwater and my hp stays the same as before. as far as i know u could get...
  5. |Overlord|

    Ki blob tweak

    I think the blast radius from ki blobs that get nuked with a beam/ball attack should be reduced. Rather then depending on the attack itself, I think it should consist of how many ki blasts actually formed that blob or the power of the attack used to nuke (IE: how strong that attack was, how long...
  6. M

    Ki Blob

    Wouldn't it be cool if the Ki blobs looked like this: Just for eye-candy of course, but pretty cool nonetheless.
  7. $sj Goku

    Ki blob replacement

    OK I dont know what anyone else may think of the ki blobs .. but i think they are pretty stupid.. there is really no point in having them.. They dont exist in the show why should they be in the game.. My idea is to replace the ki blob with rocks.. Example You know how when you power up...
  8. KidMan

    Ki Blob's

    I did some thinking and realized that I never really saw Ki blobs in the show so why did they put it in ESF? I mean you never saw Goku go up to Cell and blast him with ki blasts untill a blob comes out and grows around him, harming him while goku laughs and gains pl. Really I think they should...
  9. RavenTrunks

    Ki Blob glitch.. in newest version.

    wasnt the blobs staying suppost to be fixed? i still get that glitch.... anyone else havin the problem?
  10. Sicron

    KI Blob doesnt hurt

    When i make a kiblob in the water, it doesnt hurt me, while when i make one on the land it does hurt me if i run into it X_x
  11. ssjFajita

    Is the KI Blob Frenzy not really unique?

    Like any good person who has seen too many DBZ episodes from not having much of a life I have come up with this idea. Vegeta has the Ki blob frenzy attack and many people associate it with him as one of his signature moves. But the reality is that this move is a typical move that is...
  12. M

    Defeating the ki blob!

    hmm I was thinking, wouldn't it be cool if someone could defeat a ki blob? Let's say when someone's meleed you, and your down cold and they start ki blasting you and form a ki blob, then your forced to get up and teleport out or jump out or whatever, and when the kiblob explodes it might kill...
  13. imkongkong

    tweaks on the small ki shots and ki blob

    i think it's useless that if someone makes a ki blob, someone can just walk out of there... i dont think it should be that way.. like in the block struggles, u have to push away the beam... the same should be for a ki blob.. if someone keeps on throwing the small ki shots rapidly, it...
  14. S

    Rezenkou Dan + ki Blob

    Mayeb this could be put into a later release maybe after 1.2 Ki blobs should start to take off more damage and also while inside them u should be able to block the damage away form u at the extent of ki once ki has run out u will begin to take damage Rezenkou Dan should take Alot more ki...
  15. Naz

    No Regular [Indy!]

    Hi there this has been a while for me I havent even touched photoshop for atleast 2 months, (vacation, school, working etc). And when opening photoshop, it all felt new for me again. I got back at it a bit, but it isn't as smooth as it used to be. Either way, here my new baby I call no...
  16. Tassadar

    Majin Trunks

    My 3rd edit, it little more complicated than the others. A little more than a recolor, I drew the M on his forehead obviously, recolored his sword and sheathe. Also took off the patch that said capsule corp and replaced it with an M. Heres a pic. This guy actually took me about an hour and a...
  17. Sonic the Vampire

    Ki Blob + Gohan's Shield = Doooom!

    This has happened to me 3 times now... 1.) A gohan charges up his shield. 2.) I put a blob on him. 3.) He fires into the blob. 4.) Server dies. This isn't an issue with the shield, it is an issue with the blob. Could this have something to do with the explosion cap having been removed...
  18. [SSj]~Piccolo

    KI Blob - Explosions

    If there is a KI-blob made by let's say PlayerA and PlayerB fires some beam into it, it explodes and PlayerA gets the frag if someone is killed. I don't like that. Solution 1. (my favourite) Blobs do not explode if a beam hits them; the beam goes right through them and doesn't change them...
  19. Escobar


    ey every1, bringing you my latest work what do u guys think.. i may be thinking of putting some time into the color but tell me what you guys think.. bryce 5 + photoshop 7
  20. T

    Deathball + ki blob

    I threw a ki blob into someone deathball and the deathball just sat there. Not sure if it was moving at all because the player ran into his own ball a second or two after i threw the ki blob.
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