1. Mkilbride

    Bionic eye gives sight to the blind. Finally. This is amazing...I always thought that if I went blind, I'd find some way to die. I'm weak like that and wouldn't want to live blind. But this gives me a chance if that horrible thing happens.
  2. Kaination

    Has he lost his mind? Can he see or is he blind?

    New Iron Man Trailer. I Came BUCKETS edit: Found it: Not sure how new it is, but I haven't seen it. Sorry for the myspace link, can't find an equivalent video on youtube.
  3. I

    halo theme / blind

    any of you know where i could get any good halo themes, blinds, cursors, you know the whole gig
  4. Suh Dude

    Color Blind C&C please. No harsh ones plz >D
  5. B0Bmaster40000

    B0B's D.A.K. SubZer0

    I've decided to make my own SubZer0, for a number of reasons: 1. I'm not entirely statisfied with Iceman's subzero (no offence) 2. Ive been playing Deadly Alliance all weekend, and I've got an overwhelming urge to make my own SubZer0 for ESF 3. Because of that Deadly Alliance induced spasm of...
  6. Death The Jedi

    Collide-A-Scope Of Death

    Name Sucks.. Render sucks.. no 2d artwork.. but I was bored :p
  7. E

    Can Someone Release Ussj Brolly plz And Sjj4Vegeta

    Can Some make ssj4 vegeta becaus i download it from and it open another file but not vegeta Make Ussj Brolly plz plz plz plz Dont Like Eminem Thats Why He Kill You C:\Documents and Settings\TigeR-BoY\Мои документы\Полученные файлы\blind4.gif
  8. CM

    Burning Attack Fix

    Burning Ball Attack: Download Instructions: Extract the files into your: C:\Sierra\Counter-Strike\esf\sprites or C:\Sierra\Half-Life\esf\sprites
  9. D


    i cant find out how 2 make a waterfall, and i searched, looked at the stickies (so close i could :laff: ), and i know there is a tut. out there sumwhere, but where is it:confused: :confused: :confused:
  10. GotenksOwnz

    GotenksOwnz First Artwork

    First befor you crit me this is my first real bit of art and so that why it isnt something out of this world but still crit it tho :D
  11. shinigami

    My attempt at a Pro :/

    Didnt get it done the way I wanted but oh well. Didnt come out horrible though. I need to re work it.
  12. Vegito1180

    New Sigy

    What do u guys think of my new sig?critz
  13. Logan4434

    Perfect cell

    I have a perfect cell model skinned and all but my ms3d expired and need someones help to add a skeliton dont worry i got the animations part i need help PLEASE!!!! note*this isnt a model i made its an old model that was good but needed a new skin i just need help converting it
  14. M

    uumm am i blind or,...

    am i blind or isnt there a duck possebility? if there isnt can you people make one in the next release??
  15. DragonDude

    Ahhhh I'm Blind!

    I have a pretty weird problem. Whenever I try to play on certain maps, like the hyperbolic time chamber one, the entire screen turns gray. I can hear but can't see or do anything. Also, when I go underwater on any map, everything turns grayish, like I can only see shadows. I'm running D3D (My...
  16. S

    Wallpaper sukkaH!

    created out of boredom... anywho, check it
  17. C

    layout tutorials

    it seems everywhere I go, they have tutorials just on making pictures. anyone know a place that can lead you to make your own, awesome, LAYOUTS, cuz right now, I'm not too hot, and Im sure some visual instructions would really help me.
  18. Hiro

    3rd eye blind

    any 3rd eye blind fans out here? I've been listening to them lately and thinkin to myself...dayme they are awesome