1. zmaster

    run from the raining ki blasts

    Wen you are flying at top speed will you be able to shoot ki blasts at the same time
  2. Chakra-X

    Multi-hit Blasts

    If you ever played Super DBZ or Shin Budokai (I think Burst Limit does this as well), a beam will strike a character, but count for 5 hits, pounding against the character for 5 hits, until they are knocked back. My idea is, if a Goku fires a **fully charged** Spirit Bomb at a Frieza, and Frieza...
  3. Gon

    Ki blasts

    Couldn't find/search for any suggestion about this so I thought I'd bring this up. I'm not entirely sure about the ki blasts that will be implemented in 1.3, but if this isn't already in then I think we should have a charging ki blast which takes about 1 second to charge that's performable...
  4. G

    Energy Blasts in Melee.

    Well if you ever watched the show during a fight scene, two people would be fighting, and in like the middle of their fist fight(while they're close together) one would form an energy ball right in the enemies mid section,(or in Trunk's face like in Bojack Inbound)and blast them pretty far...
  5. VideoJinx

    New Ki blasts

    I think ki blasts in 1.3 need something new. I mean they arent as usefull as in 1.2 so here is what ive come up with =o. notice how frieza shoots goku with the ki blasts. now THOSE are ki blasts.. also the idea is.. Ki blasts should...
  6. LSSJ-Goku

    Ki blasts suggestion

    i have question will be in ESF 1.3 the same ki blast system ? when thow all the time they don't go straight they go somm kinda around and then hit the target but in BFP they go straight like in DBZ !!! so it will be better if ki blast go like in DBZ not like now in esf 1.2 ;[
  7. KidMan

    Ki Blasts suggestion

    I noticed something when I was playing the game. When you right click with the Ki blasts and you shoot them out fast, your character will move his left or right hand outwards to the side and the blast will cross your body and shoot from the opposite side. Also, the blasts don't match to the...
  8. F

    Giant Ki Blasts help

    When i make a "Create a Server" (listen server) server i Get giant blast radiuses on and giant explosions. Does anyone know how to stop this. only plugin i have is powerlevel changer. This is on Evolution mod if it matters.
  9. W

    flying path suggestion for ki blasts...

    well, since my english isn't really good, i want to explain it so simple as i can =). pre-note: the blue dots are the ki balls (yellow ones aren't good to see on a white background ^^). what i want so suggest, is that the ki balls...
  10. P


    was just wondering if its possible to have the explotions blow up int eh direction the weapon was shooting. for example, the weapon hits the target say its a generic beam, when it hits the target it explodes but the explotion trail goes into the person rathe rthan blwing up like a firework...
  11. imkongkong

    Blocking advance melee and using ki blasts in melee

    when you're holding block and someone prepunches you, it should be changed. The other player can set up a combo for you to receive, but there person whoever was holding block should not have this happen since he was blocking. instead of the other player being able to do a combo, you should...
  12. C

    Beams or Blasts

    Poll's are now a fad, so here is mine. Obviously you don't need to state why you like either, as there is only one reason to use or not use each of them. Ok people below don't seem to know what I mean by beams and blasts. By beams I mean attacks with a tracer behind it, and is controllabe...
  13. S

    One's own blasts killing oneself

    All too often I find myself killing myself when the range of my Big Bang just so happens to include me in it, or my blue attack hits someone swooping at me too close. Since getting hit with a blue attack causes the one hit to stop swooping and plummet, effectively ruining their pace, I like...
  14. Goten-son

    Smoke from blasts

    well i was watching the brolly movie last night and noticed a lot of the time they blast there was some smoke around them. Well why not make it so if you shoot a huge blast at someone and where ever it explodes there could be some smoke around the area. And also when you use a lot of kiblobs...
  15. S

    unexploding blasts

    i like to use blasts but sometimes the explosion is too strong and it kills me. this starts to get annoying when it keeps happening, and i think it would be good of a attack say "kamahama" had a right click "secondary" that makes a blast that doesnt explode but explodes when it hits a solid. i...
  16. M

    energy blasts from inside shield

    I was just wondering if I charge up a full shield, and then switch to kamehameha with SSJ Gohan, if my shield will still protect me, or more or less supposed to protect me, since it's there. I could test it, but I am weary with the shield, since I have yet to find a server that ends up crashing...
  17. F

    unexploding blasts

    well i say most or all of the attacks they have in esf are all exploding ones well my suggestion is that for goku , how he can teleport when charging a blast at the same time when he goes ssj this is one of my fav moves to teleport infront of someone and BLAST them and they die, but it kills...
  18. [SSj]~Piccolo

    PL-adapted KI Blasts

    I think the KI-Blasts should become stronger at higher powerlevels (just like all the other attacks do). If a ten million pl player shoots a blast at a one million pl guy, he should not be able to just swat it away... There need to be Blast-Blockstruggles! This would be more realistic, more...
  19. Q

    Major ki blasts.

    In the anime, The Z-fighters could make their blasts inhumanly big (super duper duper strong) and so concentrated that it would kill anyone that was near the explosion. I suggest that It should be in esf as well. Every character's major blasts should have a huge charge meter (as wide as...
  20. O

    Frozen Blasts

    Tis may have been posted before but a number of times I've fired a simple ki blast at a bot, he's deflected it and it travels a short distance before freezing and it stays there for ages, up to 1hr. Also, another problem I have is after a very evenly matched ps, when the ps lasts for a looong...
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