1. Shuyin

    Big Beam Struggles And That Following Trail O_o

    ssj gohan fired a kamehameha at my character (buu) the powerstruggle took us from one side of the map to the other yet the beam struggle was still going. Even though i was against the map wall there was no crushing damage being taken , and someone managed to advanced melee me. After that i was...
  2. N

    big problem

    i have a really big problem when i start my own server everything works for like 20 min then the game crashes
  3. G

    Spar Power for big BANG. (not the attack)

    Well i know i aint suggestion offen. :D Well here is comes no way back now. Well the suggestion is.... OMG i use "Well" alot... huh i am on ? AAHHHH Well... there is it was again... Here Goes. Suggestion is thad when you is beam stuggling you should beable to hide some Ki and then when...
  4. @lv/n

    another Steam preoblem, a BIG one...

    HI! I installed Steam yesterday and it worked perfectly.... but now I don't have any installed games in MyGamesList!!!! when I try to install games again, it won't accept my cd-key!!!!!!! HELP MEEEEEE!!!!! :cry: :cry:
  5. Cheeto101

    Big Bang Sprite Suggestion

    I just watched the episode where Vegeta kills 19 with the BB,,,and the BB was much more like a sphere, was a bit bigger and was more glowy then the current BB. I just think it would be a cooler visual effect then the current one, and itd go great with the new explosions. (LoL i know i could do...
  6. X

    The Big Question (For SF & SNK Fans)

    Street Fighter vs. King of Fighters ------------------------------------------------------------- Which team of these two diffrent fighting games do you think will win? My vote goes out to King of Fighters :p. I just dont see Kyo, Rock, Mary, and Vannessa being defeated :p
  7. Kalle

    A big problem with esf

    I've got a problem: when I want to play ESF, there's always a mesage something like this: "could not load library .../cl_dlls/cl_client". I don't know what I should do! :cry:
  8. P


    hey all, i wuz wandering if the esf team could alter the game a little: you see its kinda weird that u can stay ssj all the time when u transform and your energy is not going down, its like transformation dont take away any energy while being transformed, whereas in the DBZ series and/or...
  9. BU-Master Roshi

    ESF getting to big for 56k download.

    108 MB is to large for my 56k connection. Is there another way to obtain it? Are you going to put it on a CD and mail to those who want it?
  10. S

    got big esf game bug

    when i try to play esf with counterstrike it finishes loading but it just CRASHES and quits out of the game and i have the 1.5 patch for counterstrike and i was missing the voiceicon thing and i have hl patch installed plz WHAT IS THE PROBLEM i am new with counterstrike but jezz i would...
  11. -Origin

    "Nova" -- BIG

    New sig, a bigger version of "Nova"
  12. C

    Not a big problem

    My problem is that the colour contrast between a power bar is full or empty isn't very different, hence making hard to tell whether or not i have full energy or low energy. For example, when i played ESF on WON networks my KI meter/bar was a dark blue colour, and when i was charging a beam it...
  13. I

    ~ big reward for help ~ please ~ ASAP!!!

    how do u install amx mod/ admin mod/ metamod i forgot the thread, if someone could direct me to the thread or just tell me here PLEASE
  14. G

    about vegetas big bang

    i reckon with the big bang you should be able to controle it but not like a beam but with the arow keys so u can use it, to kill people who run, i no big bang is powerful but it would be better cause it is a long charge but it would use a fair deal of ki, and when he does control the big bang...
  15. B

    *READ* Big ESF problem

    I installed my esf to steam. ITs installed in the right place (I'm sure) in the half life directory in steam apps under my username and all that. The game runs, and i can get into a game. My problem is that i cannot move or do anyhting in the game at all short of look around. I went to options...
  16. H

    Geez that a big file you got there...

    Err, stupid question but is there a site where i can download the ESF mod that is less than 100MB? Something small like a zip file? Give me a break hear, i've only got dial up. :\
  17. Enix

    i need some BIG help!

    i am trying to learn to model and i cant. i think i might have a.d.d. or something because i am just not geting it (no affence to anyone who has a.d.d.). i looked at that tut from dosfx and still dont get it. can someone please help me personaly or give me a link to a more detailed tut.
  18. L

    big spirit bomb

  19. P


    Can someone please help me I get this problem when I try to join servers it loads up then it almost loads up the character selection screen then I get two problems a error comes up saying initializing Tracker then it says Tracker error:TrackerUl.dll invalid, not loading. And there is also...
  20. M

    LIKE THE SHOW: after some big explotions there should be that sound...

    I'll give the source (SOON) maybe there are better quality... then send me or link here <u><big>EDIT - ITS that <b><i>wisle</b></i> sound when big explotions occures</big></u> and Im sorry for not Editing this post for so long, I am searching for a good sound of it right now!!!! - EDIT...