1. DeMons

    Trailer Battle

    Hmm, i have another idea, to be a trailer with Gohan in SS2 vs Cell in Perfect Form, a short fight, cell's Earth-Destroying Kamehameha"The Ultimate Kamehameha" vs gohan's super kamehameha, and at final cell in 100% perfect from solar kamehameha vs gohan's father-son Kamehameha, and sure, i want...
  2. Deathshot

    Dragon Ball Z Movie 2013

    It seems the Series will keep going with movies. It's nice to see these coming out. No matter what I will always love Dragon Ball Z. Toei Animation - Movie Site - Another site -
  3. Deathshot

    All-Star Battle JoJo's Bizarre Adventure! It's nice to see that we get another one that is a spiritual successor to the original on Playstation 1. I have loved the characters in this manga/anime/game for the longest time.
  4. dbzrogue

    Favorite videogame battle music?

    Bored :V Which are your favorite battle themes in any game? If posting videos, try to put em in a spoiler V:
  5. L

    BAttle damaging! new version

    my idea is that clothes gets a extra model which get layed over the playermodels....if its possible to add hp to these they could get destroyed after receiving damage....that would then also stay when a player get healed(if that is still possible later) all that would go would be the scratches...
  6. Chakra-X

    More Dragonball Z: Zenkai Battle Royale

    I've have been siting on my ass watching these videos instead of doing work but damn I wish I could play this. This looks more fun than all the US DBZ games we have got for PS3/360. Honestly the closest cousin to this is ESF actually. The space is is wider, almost everything is real time so no...
  7. V

    DragonBall: Zenkai Battle Royale

    badass or what!
  8. S

    Dragon Ball Zenkai Battle Royale game quality & ESF

    There arent many games dbz that look like esf! This crazy ass game comes close... ****ttt.. that blue kamehameha..
  9. Denz

    ESF modeling competition, Battle scene - Denz

    Im making a scene out of KYnetiks internet game, you can find it here wip character model 1500 poly's atm
  10. Nuttzy

    ESF modeling competition, Battle scene

    Ok guys, this is a big one. you are to recreate a battle from an anime, movie, video game, etc. This includes the character models, and the environment that they fight in. you will be judged on the use of triangles, texture space, lighting, etc something kinda like that, just 3d...
  11. Chakra-X

    Epic Battle Effects

    When I first heard about ESF, I thought it was like an action MMORPG and that I'd be seeing gigantic power struggles in the far distance between the two most powerful players. I think ESF could use some little effects to point out when certain people are strong. They have larger explosions...
  12. Deman

    Starcraft 2 Battle Reports Basically, you get to see two game devs play the game while having to listen to the commentary of two others. It's cool to see new units in action as well as seeing how they've updated the old ones. Plus it's kind of funky to hear the...
  13. gildiaswise

    Battle Damage / A new game type

    Ok, lets get started say your characters HP has 75% of max, Shirt is torn a little. A few Scratches on Model say your characters HP has 50% of max, Shirt is completely off, unless your Goku, or some other character with under shirt. say your characters HP has 25% of max tail is cut...
  14. J-Dude

    My Finest Animation Yet: A Monochrome Battle

    The first serious animation I ever did was an Ed, Edd n' Eddy/Dragonball Z hybrid. This was, in retrospect, severely flawed, badly modelled, and while it had some passable effects, it overall stank. (THIS one): Well, a few years later, having learned...
  15. M

    The Ultimate Battle - Naruto Vs. Dragon Ball Z

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  16. Vagabond

    The New version of the Betamax vs VHS battle has been won

    this was battle war was between blu-Ray and HD-DVD and blu-ray won
  17. Vejta SSJ


    What was the best battle in dbz?vote and explain!
  18. Zeonix

    Samurai Rove Battle,2933,256143,00.html So...again with the swords.
  19. Sandstorm

    Character Battle Royale, Grid C

    Winners thus far are Luke Skywalker with 18 votes, and Superman with 17 votes. Rules are same, battle to the death, vote, blah blah blah. Next battle is here. Nicknamed the "everyman grid."
  20. Sandstorm

    Character Battle Royale, Grid B

    Character battle A complete, after tallying the sources, Luke Skywalker won with a total of 18 votes. For those not familiar: Several grids, one at a time. 10 characters are selected, and only one character can be the victor. Rather than do a bunch of (bleah) vs (bleah) threads, have all...