1. Skyrider

    Forum Banner?

    Anyone able to create a forum banner for both themes? (Including a black one). vBulletin just doesn't fit :). Sorry for the quick post, but I'm heading out.
  2. KYnetiK

    Dark Theme Banner Suggestions

    I quickly made a banner for the dark forum skin, based off the banner. Not fussed whether it gets used or not, but thought it would come in handy. If it is wanted i can clean it up a little, resize as necessary. This thread also gives the opportunity to voice other banner ideas...
  3. wheres_

    New Forum Banner Competition!?

    Can we please have one sky, pleeeeeease? I was just thinking, brand new forum, why not a pretty new banner too :)? Yay or Nay peoples.
  4. dan_esf_fanatic

    Banner I made for the Hyuuga NNC Clan.

    Well my clan leader and myself have been modding our up-to-now rather boring-looking forums, and after changing the skin and uploading and changing all the buttons accordingly (which was a pain) we decided we need a new banner to go with the awesomeness of the skin we got. So I got down to...
  5. Viper

    Forum banner

    It's for a little project of mine.I posted it here for you to rate it or tell me what needs fixing before i'll use it.
  6. Growler


    It's not a sig.. but it's a banner for a facebook group~
  7. LionHeart


    Can someone make a banner that says on it ROMANIAN ESF TOURNAMENT and with a cool background and add something from dbz or guys know best :D,anyone up for it?
  8. Skyrider Clan Page Banner Request

    I'm wanting to have a HL2Files Clan Page Banner. The only problem is, i suck at creating "art". Especially when photoshop is so darn complicated for me :P. But besides the point, who can create one? It's quite simple. The banner has to do with Earth Special Forces, and anything is allowed. The...
  9. wheres_

    Who wants a new forum banner?

    Simple question needs simple answer.
  10. donnierisk

    Clan banner

    Okay, the SAE clan(South African Elites), formerly known as TBG clan need a new banner for our website where South African Elites stands somewhere and should be the MAIN focus of the pic, preferably in the middle, then with a goku model on the left and trunks on the right, we used to have one...
  11. Spunky

    Banner o/

    Here's my board banner, for my TSRP (The Specialists Role Play) server. What do you guys think?
  12. Growler

    Clan Banner

    This is a clan banner I made for my friend-
  13. bapplebo

    Change top banner now?

    Well... I saw some old screens, and the 1.3 Goku was finished, so does that mean that we can change the top banner to have Goku now? Nothing against Vegeta, it's just that I wub Goku more.
  14. Hsu

    Banner for wow guild

    This is the REALLY early version of the banner I am working on for my world of warcraft guild. Nothing is final. The text right now is crap, but I like the font and effect. Tell me what you think and what I can do to change it around. I will update it as I get done.
  15. Kyo


    ok guys im gonna ask again put with a difrent aproach i got the BG maid i got the pic i wont Thx i wont the trunks to stick out like my sig but not That Blury that and the text ~[O.o]~
  16. Growler

    GoldenEye: Source Banner

    first attempt...what you think?
  17. ZeroNightmare

    Website Banner.

    I'm no banner person but eh. Figured i'd do some basic render stuff, i hadnt done it in a while. header/banner
  18. R

    i want a banner...

    i want a banner (sig if you want to call it) it should be like : a black n white (no colors) gohan in the back with the text "Raistlin" in front of him would be nice..thx
  19. Soulicro

    Homeworld 2 Banner

    C&C please. Everything made by me other then the ships, which were cut from an in-game screenshot and edited.
  20. A


    Since NNC Was doing a banner I thought I should do one: It took me a while to blend the sasuke, I might change it or do a new one, If I find a Rasengan pic I'll change it to that ;X