1. W

    My deviant !

    hey first of all i got to tell you all something. Awhile back i was kicked out of this forum because i ripped artwork from other artists it realy toke me a hard time but id learned something from it and that is that people need respect for what they did and i realy feel sorry for what i did...
  2. S

    NEW!!! site help

    im starting to make a site where theres models and **** like that sprites and sounds. i have a hole lot of **** here man for ya all!. i just need help on how and i could use some of your help on makeing one. you could send me your stuff or something. its going to be like redsayjin. but that...
  3. B

    Armor Goku

    Hi i work on an Armor Goku for the esf EV MOD here a pic
  4. SpriGGan

    1.1 Model downloads

    hey sup guys right dont mean to be a noob but are there any 1.1 models avaible for download yet? i checked red saiyen dont think there 1.1 compatable im more consernd on finding trunks ,vegeta ,goku and buu skins any help most welcome cheers guys
  5. D


  6. Logan4434


    does anyone know where to get bfp(bid for power) models?i went to one once but i dont know where anymore :cry:
  7. B

    New model :P

    well i would say his name but well hes kinda all my fav anime chars all combined up in one lol, he looks pretty cool, i thinkin im gonna call him Vlad or something well take a look
  8. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Cool Yamcha done

    Cool Yamcha done/download I have edited i nice Yamcha model heres a pic Tel me should i release it?:confused:
  9. D

    Ssj3 Model

    PLZ SEND ME A SSJ3 GOKU AT [email protected]:rolleyes:
  10. A


    they should add androids in the game:) ;D
  11. Q


    Im not sure if this is Indy or not, So ill just post it and yall can tell me what it is. Also I need some tips on the text, Anyone? Id love some comments etc. Also, This is my very first time at Indy art. P.S. Renders came from Wogasm. Thanks man. EDIT: Here is another one I need to...
  12. B

    Too many normals HELP!!!!

    I working on a Gret trunks model but always when i will compile it its scream TOO MANY NORMALS!! is there a way to compile it??
  13. A

    Super saiyan 4?

    It would be great to have a super saiyan 4 in the next beta:laff: haha:)
  14. G

    Brollman's vegetto model

    Could some one do me a fav and fix the problems on the arms and the privite part on brollman's vegetto model. Its a good model but it just needs some slite fixes on the arms and on the privites.:laff:
  15. ssj999vegeta

    i need photodeluxe link

    can anyone post an adobe photodeluxe link for version 4.0 and dont jus say 2 get it on kazaa
  16. Bryggz

    Gotenks ssj3 hair, which is better

    ok guys i made 2 versions of gotenks ssj3 hair, now i just need to know which has more potential, version one may look cool, but its rather dirty (not a closed mesh) and its not exactly true to the show. while version two has potential to be badass, but something doesnt seem right about it...
  17. Skinnerfool

    Gotenks in-game Thread

    Why did my thread closed? i didn't say anyting about i making them. I JUST FOUND IT ONM MY UPLOADER!
  18. A

    Want to see something really worth his convention here

    Want to see something really worth his convention here You will press a mouth :laff:
  19. Skinnerfool

    Reskin Of Vegeto

  20. SSj_Gotenks95

    Johnny Model

    I think we should make a model of Johnny from Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. That would be really cool anybody willing to make it I will help as much as possiible.