1. Phatslugga


    Uhhh. I was in the ESF Irc, and I apparently was banned... I don't know why. Did i do something wrong?
  2. P

    I Got Banned from DOA!!

    Ok, here is what happened. I joined the server and see a guy ([ROC] something) who is 90-16 so i figured "good, some competition" I melee him once from above he comes back and i melee him again and he dies. He then bans me from the server like that, without a word said. I kill him once, in...
  3. C

    Pikkon release.. pikkon :P Credits to: Me (CrackerJack/Un1imi73d) Nuttzy Shijing Morone :fight:
  4. Pommy

    new art

    this is about the only art ive done lately. I havent posted in forever so I decided to post them. they where made for a program I made for aol since I am now on 56k again and its free so :smile: splash screen: main window and about window: oh yeah and put critz, i dont need negitive critz...
  5. The Noodler

    Last one got banned, so i make this one

    Well my last one got kicked off the bords so i made a new one, and i hope it doesnt go agenst any rules, also i made a avatar with it Avatar: Sig: Yea, think ur all gonna say the back round sux, oh welll i tryed, critz.
  6. Nano

    Gohan reskin

    I have found a good model but i dont know who's model it is. Anyway i reskinned it and now its looks like this Plz tell me want you think of it! :yes: :no:
  7. U

    Banned list erased after devil appears

    Ok, well I have my lil' banned file for adminMod in the ESF folder and it displays all my wonIDs and IPs that I have banned. Well everytime I add any wonID's of devils after he crashes my server, it seems that all the other banned info is erased. I'm sick of having to make new entries every...
  8. G

    Why PLease TeLL me

    Why PLease TeLL me what did i do now. listen people u guys are great and i am glad im zero but zero wont be anymore and i now u guys are glad becauese i was zero. and i dont want to make the same mistake i youst too. thank u magus now i now how i was please tell me how i was people please :(
  9. A

    Z4 "Power Struggle City" Banned...

    Well Im playing in a server, title of the topic inside the ""s I have 15m pl transformed from wishes "Cellarena map" I charge a kame with goku, Use the teleport while attack is charged / charging and nailed somone, next up I get disconnected from server, Im like huh? Retry in console...
  10. U


    Its been more than 2 weeks so i m not banned! Credit to: Models:PcJoe , Vassago , SS_Vegeta Skin : Form3 - SS_Vegeta , Form 4 - me , Cyborg - me
  11. B

    NEW GREAT Gogeta

    Here my Gogeta its for esf 1.1 and evm
  12. V

    Vegeta Begin Saiyan Saga ( Coloured Armor )

    *Image and Download removed due to controvercial reasons* -grOOvy Its a reskin and fixed some bugs in it. Ive worked 2days on it almost non stop ! I hope you all like it. Credits: - D.C. Darkling for the model/Textures - SJ Prince for the great idea/host - Textures/Edit By...
  13. S

    Trunks I found

    heehhehe hey Guys I found this awesome Trunks Model in two versions and I asked person to release it he said no but maybe if enough people ask him he'll reconsider how bout it people. c'mon peps. (edited by s-bolt-- on request)
  14. S

    To the guy who made the Sonic model

    Where can i download it?
  15. Logan4434

    skinning contest

    ok...see this model well this skinning contest is for it...........the winners skin will be used on the model and another surprise(dunno what it is yet but i prolly got at least a few hours to figure it out,prolly a custom model for them)any way i skin maped it for you and
  16. S

    GSF-site has no respect for modelers

    ||QUOTE|| (this was posted by Logan) ok 5 count them FIVE of my model packs are on all of them you can only get on MY site and they couldnt even remember my goddamn NAME. ||QUOTE|| They should take it off their site beg you for mercy and give proper credits...
  17. t he OnE Z Er0

    could someone do something about that kid buu they put in

    i think that buu needs more work and needs to be for 1.1
  18. S

    Volcanic Goku

    I made a volcanic goku check this site for pics i made a ssj1 and ssj3 what do you think ? post some critz plz If you people like it then ill release :] !!!Credits!!! Mr.Smo : model , skin , animations I edited the skin
  19. M

    Is there a Pan model?

    Is there a Pan model out there? i looked through this forum, i looked on red-saiyan, i looked on the net, i cant find it! i know this should be in the final request thread, but the chance i get a reply is rather low, because everyone is asking models and nobody is giving them. All i want to...
  20. B0Bmaster40000

    Immortal - Coming soon!

    <center> More than what it appears to be, this arena is not for the faint-hearted -- or the tamer computers. The size will push the limits of Hammer. The detail will challenge your 3D card. The game-play will put your l33tness to the test. B0B_Immortal Coming soon! Can you handle...