1. Mkilbride

    Europe to ban sales of PlayStation 3
  2. sub

    I'll be gone for a few months in protest of me not being an admin

    I'm going to be leaving this forum for a few months as a protest of me not being an admin. I expect tears to be shed and I expect to be crowned admin upon return. As we all know, the only reason that there is order on this forum is because everyone is afraid they're going to be banned by me...
  3. sub

    Germany to ban all violent video games Those crazy germans..... edit: Still has to pass parliament. Anyone in Germany have any idea how likely this is to get through parliament?
  4. M

    Another Attempt at Video Game Ban

  5. Mr.Lukyas

    BAN theuser above you!!!

    OMG this is old, still, it can be good fun. So, who's gonna be first guy banning me?
  6. sub

    Ban message

    I'd like to know how to give someone a message when they try to connect to a server and are banned. Is it possible to do this without amxx? Thanks for any help in advanced.
  7. Y

    A server crasher, ban this guy

    STEAM_0:0:13158516 his name is padaw@n Kept goin through servers and crashing them, i banned him from ZR servers, Sin server, ban him from ur server as well
  8. vinay87

    Ban DBZ? WTF?

    A Petition to ban Dragonball Z ? WTF is this? I thought we had a right to watch whatever we want to. (note: I dunno how old this is) Some people are just plain tyrants.Thank heavens this is to Bush and not to the rest of the world. LMAO at the replies this has recieved. No really, that woman...
  9. Zeonix

    Britain to Ban Samurai Swords Seems like Britain is out to ban every conceivable weapon out there. Oh, but at least there won't be anymore sword related stories.
  10. FF|Thundgot

    ban the person above

    No, its not literally. But the next one posts can for example write: "Banned for using the word literally" Its just for fun, no ban for real :D
  11. Hamppu

    Cheatin' = ban

    aww oh noes. so heres the problem, my little bro (his a moron) happened to cheat with my hl1 acc.. and so now we got vac banned from everygame ;< it happened DAMN long ago.. almoust like half o' years ago and still the ban is there, we tought it would go away coz some neightbours and friends...
  12. KidMan

    Cracking down on Ban evaders...

    As we all know, Ban evading has been happening alot lately so i was curious if there is a way to crack down on it. Like have a program or a pm message the mod staff and say " This current user, is on the same ip as this following user" So they would know right off the bat if they were ban...
  13. M

    Ban Andreyesf

    (\_/) (0.o) (><) this is bunny.. his seen andreyesf ktntxhbye now BAN HIM! . :]
  14. xstortionist

    tweakin models = ban? how is this

    how is it that u need permission to tweak somebodies dbz model? that's BS...because if i do remember correctly nobody here has permission from funimation or whoever owns the rights to DBZ in america to create there models....if people expect these kids to get better...u should allow them to work...
  15. N

    how much (plz dont ban D:)

    hey esf team i am curious how much of 1.3 do u think u got done? like in percentage. :]
  16. G

    guees who??? unfair ban

    Guess who , yes , it's me , OVERLORD , through the magic of an internet cafe i question the fairness of my ban , for one , flaming and so on , i got banned fore this , i got a few flames back aswell , plus for bagging out noobs , but then again , who would care , i see people post "go ask...
  17. T

    How do I ban people from my server?

    Sometimes someone comes in with a hack that makes everyone stuck so he can kill them all. What do I press to ban people so I can get rid of trouble makers like that? And what are all the other commands available?
  18. crazykorean10

    Back from ban...

    I have came back from my ban.... i have learned in the past few weeks that i shouldnt really post on this... so i was thinking like in a month or 2 to leave forums yea but i am back and i promise "NO more spams" so no worry to u Hibiki to ban me again :)
  19. G

    un ban me please

    hi wil lyou please unban me i think the ip is
  20. I

    Question - Third ban after 2 weeks...Answer please

    Okay i was just reading "New Acceptable Use Policy revision" If someone is banned for a 3rd time, and they were really a threat just extremley annoying, why would you terminate their internet connection? that's just friggin retarded, plus u got no right to do that. sorry if im not understanding...
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