1. hleV

    I'm Even More Awesome Now

    Steam Support has actually listened me and gave back my old Steam Account which contains Valve Complete Pack (year 2008) and all the GTA series. The account is not VAC-banned. I'm even more awesome now. The Steam ID is "christopher_61". Spunky, stop editing your post. Though you should...
  2. KarrdeKNR

    Awesome Way to Mess with TF2 Bots

    Regretably, I did not create this. Awesome, eh?
  3. R

    The awesome ESF tournament

    Well. I dont have ESF (yet) and i had this idea where there is a big battle in a specific time, at a specific date (example: September 10th, 7pm GMT) etc.. I think this is an awesome idea :D
  4. RavenTrunks

    This... is awesome.

    My chicken nuggets are shaped like dinosaurs!
  5. sub

    Eternal Silence [Awesome free mod, you have no excuse to not try it]

    The next version of this mod is going to be released at around 4 pacific over Steam today (Friday the 6th). It's an HL2 space combat mod and it is absolutely awesome. Everyone needs to give it a shot. It reminds me of space combat in battlestar galactica or star wars. Just be warned it has a...
  6. sub

    fluffy’ing awesome Read it. It's up there with Shakespeare, Charles ****ens, Poe, Isaac Asimov, Homer, the guys that wrote the bible, etc.
  7. Damaera

    Who wants to make me an awesome sig?

    Anybody want to make me an awesome looking signature? I don't really care how it looks, but I want this as the render image:
  8. Skyrider

    Freaking awesome flash movie! It pwns badly!
  9. kam!

    The most awesome lesbian thread!

    Every guy loves lesbians, so I thought I'd express my love by making this thread. feel free to discuss and post awesome work-safe pics, Leave anime stuff out kthxbye. let's see how long this lasts^^
  10. KarrdeKNR

    3 Awesome Metroid Games You've Never Heard Of

    1 hack, 2 fan creations. So yeah, I've just randomly stumbled over this stuff in the last 3 weeks. Unfortunately, only one is playable right now :P 1. Super metroid: Redesign: This is a hack that requires the JU version of the Super Metroid rom. Reccomend...
  11. wheres_

    That was awesome...

    Best ESF april fools yet guys that was ****ing awesome lol! GG
  12. -Origin

    Hah, awesome.

    So I was watching the 2005 Guyver anime just now, and while watching I remembed there used to be 2 Guyver movies as well. So I go on Wikipedia and look up Guyver 2: Dark Hero, only to find that Guyver I is played by none other than David Hayter. David ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Hayter, people. Solid Snake is...
  13. M

    M.U.G.E.N. High Resolution - Awesome Goku

    I've downloaded a Hi Quality version of M.U.G.E.N., and I found this High Resolution Goku on the net, he has some pretty stellar moves with nice effects, you guys should check this out, I recorded myself playing with him in practice mode, I was basically seeing what he could do...
  14. Skyrider

    Awesome Dragonball/Naruto YouTube Video's

    For real, this pwns: <-- DBZ <-- Naruto Some of the video's are really awesome. These are real life made by the way.
  15. Dokutayuu

    Full Metal Alchemist was awesome, I miss it...

    I just finished watching the anime then the movie. I've read some of the manga (first few chapters) but I've noticed that after that it'll be all gone. The Elric brothers were such awesome characters, I'm happy they're together but it's over. I really enjoyed it, anyone recommend anything for...
  16. LionHeart

    A more awesome game than flash portal \m/
  17. J-Dude

    SSJ3 Power Up theme remix!!! Awesome!!!

    I currently head a project which aims to turn Bleedman's Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi into a 3D/Flash series, and we have an awesome composer for our soundtrack who goes by the name "BleedingKimosabe". He's a master with music composing programs and has a real digital techno-style to his music...
  18. DJ-Ready


    So yeah .. I figured it would be a good idea to write a guide about how to choose an dumb nuub nickname for forums or games or w/e so you can show the rest of the world what an unoriginal retard you are. First of all, its pretty simple. After years or research(!) I came up with the perfect...
  19. Optimus Prime

    Why my saturday night was totally more awesome than yours,

    So post-LSAT, I decide to celebrate and get drunk. After a few pre-drink beers, we head to The Spur which is a local karaoke bar. We're there for a couple hours, and then all of a sudden this totally hardcore at least 55 year old guy, who kind of looks like Rob Zombie, but with grey...
  20. SaiyanPrideXIX

    AWESOME BF2142 Demo screenshot!!!

    **** you, EA. Just **** you.