1. wheres_

    Wheres_ Aura suggestion

    Just a simple suggestion after seeing the latest POTW. Aura colors. Buu:Pink (All forms) Goku:White, SSJ:Yellow, SSJ2:Yellow, SSJ3:Yellow. Gohan:White, SSJ:Yellow, SSJ2:Yellow. Krillin:White Krillin2:White/Blue or a more opaque white, Some difference. Freiza:Purple (all forms)...
  2. T

    change swoop aura

    Ok, tell me if this has been suggested before. I saw in the sticky that swoop trails has been suggested before, but im assuming its talking about the ones in 1.1, that appear on the ground. For my idea, this would apply to swooping in general, adding a swoop trail effect like this...
  3. ssj2goku

    Resizing the aura model

    Hello, is it in any way possible to resize the aura.mdl ingame because i wrote an amxx plugin for it, and it doesnt do a thing it doesnt even return an error greetz ssj2goku
  4. D

    aura help

    k ihave very cool new aura for esf but icant give the aura 5 skin its only give one so when itranss its the same color any idiea what ican do to solve this??
  5. M

    Installing Darksun's Aura

    Hi everybody! I'm having problems installing this mod:;19062 After putting the files in the ESF folder and running the game, I find that the mod isn't working. It still looks like the old aura. Please HELP! How do I...
  6. Grundig29

    Turning off swoop aura

    Is there any way to turn the swoop aura off? Thanks
  7. B

    Aura question

    Hi can someone say me how i can use Final Flash charge aura for Turbo aura?
  8. D

    aura +

    can someone combine the turbo aura with the power up ?(amx coding ??) lets say ipress trurbo (T) then the aura model and the aura spr working toghter..
  9. B

    SSJ Aura

    Hi i am new here ;) Today i played evm and saw a adv melee bubble with USSJ Trunks. It looked very cool because his USSJ "Glow" effect. I think it would looks great if you make an special aura for SSJs which is ever ther when you activate it. I mean in meele struggles etc. It musn't have an...
  10. imkongkong

    suggestion on the aura and powerup

    basically, make the turbo aura the same as the powerup aura
  11. P

    Changing trans aura?

    I wanted to know if there is a way to change the aura when certain character transform. I've looked in my models and such but I can't find the right model to change. I already changed the turbo aura and stuff but I can't find how to change this one
  12. D

    hey wondering about turbo aura

    i saw the flash tutorial on esf world and when goku went turbo it looks better then the one in 1.2.3 that i'm playing so do u have to download it somewhere becos i have been looking for it in sprites and didnt find any so can any one help me?
  13. Mccdbz5

    Budokai Tenkaichi Aura

    Can someone make me an aura for ESF, the aura I would like is from that Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi game. Here's some examples of the aura I want, if you want to see movies of characters using them in action, then go to Now i'm not asking for you to make it blue or...
  14. N

    ESF - Aura of the Game

    Is it just me or does this game give off a gloomy and sad aura, mainly coming from the maps as of right now. Like canyon, it has a rainy overcast day background, and city and then night maps just dont give off a vibrant feel to the game. Now I looked at those pics for the new maps and they all...
  15. D

    I cant fine a aura file i used to have.

    I had a aura file,a swoop arua not powerup.I think it was a old esf aura converted to 1.2.3.I recently hada harddrive erase and now i cant find the swooping aura file.I checked anyone help me?
  16. S

    1.2.3 Aura

    I've just got esf 1.2.3 , and i found out, that my aura is'nt working. I tried to download another aura (Called "animated aura") from ESF world, and i replaced the "original" aura with the downloaded. It didnt work either. Can someone help me, or do somebody know, whats wrong? --Augen--
  17. V

    turbo aura sprites

    can someone give me a direct link to a download for an turbo aura such as thiz [/url][/img]
  18. Kaination

    Piccolo yellow aura?

    Before I start, I want to say, my god so many people are wanting ESF 1.3. its annoying :p -- Note: Piccolo doesnt go SSJ but i know that, but im going to use it cause its easier :p so when i talk about piccolo going ssj, thats his trans. ^^ Anyways, back on subject. I tried the give...
  19. Kaination

    How do you switch Cell's aura to...

    ...Picollo's. Like when you hit Turbo (t defualt), picollo's aura is white. Which folder is for the aura, so I can give Picollo a green aura? Greatly appreciated. :]
  20. Ravendust

    Aura Graphical Changes (Part II)

    A while ago I made this thread. It seemed to go down pretty well. Now i'm wondering if it'll be possible with the new FX system? If not, I have an alternative solution. Each model could have two versions, one for when the aura is on and one for when it's off (default). All that would need...