1. Wing Zero 0

    Multiple skin non-player models

    I've got a question. Certain non-player models, such as the aura models, and the dragonball "db.mdl" models change colors for certain characters and at certain times. The aura is a different color for certain colors (purple for Frieza and Buu, green for Cell, white for everybody else, and...
  2. U

    Aura Light

    i just think that it looks stupid when you stand in the dark and you recharge you energy or use aura then the only thing that you can see is the aura.. maby it should glow like a flashlight or something:idea:
  3. C

    Aura Trails

    I Think this has been mentioned before but i really want to see this. You know like in the show when somone goes somewhere really fast theres a tail of aura energy behind them. Can we have that in esf? I think it would only work though when you go to melee somone cause then it only when your...
  4. Black Raven

    reskin and Sound for AscensionX´s SSJ2Aura

    I was bored from this "one color" skins of AscensionX´s Aura(no offense,the model kicks ass :)),so i make some more "detailed" skins for it Here a picture: SSJ Aura is now more "golden" Normal aura now in chrome style Frieza/Buu aura now with more detailed Skin and red bolts(as to...
  5. TehMuffinMan

    Master Aura!!!

    Brought to you by the Trusty BOSS group, In this weeks latest installment, we have the worlds greatest aura modification, The MASTER AURA! This quality model will encase your player in the BOSS groups amazing aura, this amazing product is only going for £2.99, buy now and get a...
  6. A

    New Aura Demo v1

    I have been thinking that the regular aura just doesn't look like it does in the show. I made a demo of what I think the aura should look like, let me know if you think it should be finished out or if you think the old way (random spikes with a simple rotation around the character) looks...
  7. TehMuffinMan

    3 goodys just for you ^_^

    anyways... ive uploaded some other misc toys for you to lay with in esf: Advanced pointer HERE! Advanced powerup: HERE! finally Advanced Aura! HERE! just for you to enjoy f00's many people were asking, so i released em :rolleyes:
  8. E

    the aura thingi in pcjoes dev in the aura there are like thick white lines which like circulate goku . would be cool if u permanently get those lines going around u but thiner and blue like electricity when u r in ssj2 in beta 2 :O
  9. HyperSaiyaman

    Aura Change

    As you all know Cells aura is green but i wanna change it like super saiyan aura (yellow) cuz thats his real aura like this image can confirm.the question is how can i change it?
  10. D


    here is my first edited aura :tired: credits to Asension X for the original aura (preview) here is the medium version here is the lare version