1. G

    Arm pointing when shooting beams.

    If you notice in this picture Goku's Arms are pointing straight out as if he was shooting straight, however hes shooting upwards at another beam. I think that his hands should be pointing in the same direction as the beam, if it's possible to do. Imo, it just looks stupid if the arms...
  2. -Origin

    Looking for a small country to arm.

    What can I say... some hobbies do get a little out of hand. And yes, that is a Spartan shield.
  3. Zeonix

    A Cyborg Arm That Doesn't Suck

    YouTube - Dean Kamen's Robotic "Luke" Arm The guy behind the arm is Dean Kamen, and this guy is on a roll. He invented the Segway ('s a piece of a crap but it's still something) and was recently on the Colbert Report to show off his water purifier (I forgot who made the thread...
  4. E

    Making an Arm - Request

    I need a tutorial for making an arm. I have looked at Gir' didn't make any sense to me. So, I need a good arm making tutorial. I tried extruding some edges off the shoulder, to make the upper arm, it would take WAY too many polies to do so, so, I figured I could ask for a good one here...
  5. PiXel

    Broken arm; long time dont gfx =...

    i dont know... i think i could improve alot... i tried to do something with my arm (its broken) and i dont gfx along time... plz crit ;)
  6. J

    arm WIP

    Hello, I just joined the forum ( I was WOMD_maker, but dont have that email address anymore ) Well I started an arm because I seem to have difficulties making them and thought this would be a very good place to get c&c and advise. Anywho heres the pic any help at all would be VERY appreciated...
  7. SSJ Toast

    arm model/skin

    well i havnt done any modelling/skinning in about 3-4 months and all of a sudden i just had an urge to make something. so i did something simple and made an arm, i managed to model and uvmap and skin the damn thing in 1 day, (took like 3-4 hours total, most of the time skinning) modeled in 3ds...
  8. S

    Piccolos arm stretch

    Piccolo should have his arm stretch and like use it to grab enimes and bring them closer, after their infront of you they are stunned for acouple seconds allowing you to swoop backwards and ki blast them or simple melee them and then after they go flying from a kick or what not then you could...
  9. O

    Arm stretch

    I think Picolo and Buu should be able to stretch their limbs. But I don't have any ideas. Help?
  10. S

    Buu arm stretch

    I think this has been suggested before but I wanted to but some more depth to it. It just sort of came into my head. Please add to this idea (or give me reasons why it wouldn't work. Either is good). Buu or transformed buu should have a new attack where his arm acts like a beam, you can...
  11. M

    To add Piccolo's and Buu's Arm Streach thing!

    its my idea so what do you think?
  12. Element4q2

    SSJ2 Gohan

    I had a look at nuttzy's gohan (the ssj2 version) from a while back. Decided to do what i believe are some improvements: *changed the hair *darkened skin slightly *new skin for face Nuttzy said i could release this as long as i give him credit. Credit: Original model by Nuttzy...
  13. S

    which charactor should this be

    ya the title pretty much sums it up. <object id="MS3DViewerCtl" width="400" height="400" classid="CLSID:59131903-4A33-40D5-80C2-5242DD365AB3" codebase=",0,0,6"> <PARAM NAME="_Version" VALUE="65536"> <PARAM...
  14. Element4q2

    Nuzzy base - New Vegeta

    I've decided to make a new vegeta using nuttzy's base model. It was gonna be a goku model but i decided against it. Anyway heres the first skin i did. (was gonna be goku or something) And heres the Vegeta model WIP * The skin is far from done Cred: Nuzzy for the base model
  15. Element4q2

    Bardock Finished

    Ok heres my "finished" Bardock model. Basically finished just have to add the scar to his cheek. Probably not the best picture but the new image host im using limits filesize. Credit to ESF Team for Vegeta body and SMo for the original face.
  16. Z

    3dsmax tutorails

    dous anny one know 3ds max tutorails of the arm and torso ?
  17. Hawki_ice

    Mari Gohan Experiment

    I got bored and decided to play around and learn a bit more about modeling! For this im using DC darkings armour! AZN's gohan and a skin (skin touch up) by Cheeseman! Also thanx 2 ssj 4 Gotenks What u think? I was thinking of changing His boots 2 Trunk's and mabe changing the color of...
  18. S

    Piccolo's Arm Stretch Attack

    An arm stretch attack for piccolo could be a good idea. It should be a seperate attack from melee and when you select and click on it, it would show the charging bar. The longer you hold left click, the longer piccolo's arm would stretch, but will result in weaker damage.
  19. H

    Check it out, a Scryed wallpaper !!

  20. C

    SUper Gohan

    Can somone edit a ssj2 gohan model so that his left arm is broken with blood and hes battle damaged...and his kamehameha is done with one hand. PLease this would be mucho appreciated!