1. RavenTrunks

    .Net Frameworks isn't working on my computer anymore.

    Recently my .net frameworks suddenly stoped working any anything that uses it will not load and work. This is the error I get and google for days has yield nothing in my particular case. I run windows 7 64 bit. and yes I do have frameworks installed. I've tried uninstalling and...
  2. Morvin

    Esf_gero_lab and esf_city2 doesnt work anymore...

    I cant play on esf_gero_lab and esf_city2 anymore on esf: ecx rc2 + bigpack 8.4... I already tried instaling them again. When I put "create server" on one of those maps they charging bar appear for some seconds and them disapears... I found this when i open the console: On esf_gero_lab...
  3. Dzamija

    Why don't we have a video thread anymore?

    Topic says it.
  4. Dokutayuu

    Is DBZ the best anymore?

    I remember around 2004/5 I thought DBZ was the best anime out there. However, since then I've seen various other series such as Big O, Outlaw Star and FMA. I've also found looking back, DB was better than DBZ (in my opinion :)). I find that the later DBZ was too predictable and the bad guys...
  5. Kaination

    Rock Band - worth to get anymore?

    I'm getting paid on the 7th and I'm wondering if it's even worth it to get rock band anymore. So, is it? :0
  6. J-Dude

    WTH is WRONG with people anymore???

    Okay, people know I like DBZ...a lot. So all the time, I check out a multitude of DBZ related things: DBZ vids on youtube, DBZ fanfics, DBZ mods, etc, etc. But at every twist and turn for the former two, I pass somebody's stupid fanfic or music video crossing over with the ONE anime I despise on...
  7. swobj

    My Half-Life doesnt work anymore?

    Well, I was wondering if anyone else had this problem. I recently upgraded my comp to vista because i wanted to see what it was like with dx 10 and all, but its really not all what its cracked out to be... obviously... Well anyway, i kept most of my steam .gcf files so i wouldnt have to bother...
  8. Suh Dude

    We ain't going to take it anymore!

  9. G

    i cant start my own servers anymore

    when i try to start a server it goes up to the point when it says precatching resources then it dissapears and takes me back to the find server\create server menu....
  10. C


    I've been playing esf for a while and suddenly now I can't put in bots! and the bot menu is different! I've downloaded a couple of esf related things and i want to know which one f*cked with it!
  11. B

    I can't create my own server anymore

    LOL Just about 5 hours ago i was playing normaly i could make my own server and play lan against bots now when i tried to connect it says you have been banned from this server. I haven't done anything???!!!! Whats wrong???? I cant even make a lan game against bots !!!! Oh yeah and btw my vac...
  12. Phobius

    Is it me or is the #esf IRC Channel not popular anymore?

    Looking at my logs for the past couple of weeks I've noticed the declining of chatting going on in the channel. All I usually see is this for instance... 17:38:54 ] *· · ChanServ sets mode [ +l ] 31 [ 18:04:46 ] *· · Scruff` [ [email protected]?????? ] has quit IRC: Quit [ 18:05:00 ] *·...
  13. F

    Fire Phoenix is very very sad- his computer doesn't work anymore

    I put this in here because i would like you computer geniuses (you know who i'm talking about) for maybe a little advise on what i could do to fix my computer. here's my story, ok, one day Fire Phoenix started up his computer, only to find it was running very very very very very slowingly...
  14. S

    The Reason why no one enjoys esf anymore.

    Edited to keep Joe the privacy he wanted when he chose not to enter such info in his profile in the first place. -Magus -- Edited again by Pcjoe. I readded the conversation, I just took out my aim name. It's upsetting that shin carl is this immature to have to post personal AIM logs, but...
  15. L

    Won't Be Around anymore

    I think it's been delayed long enough.. come july 1st i won't be around anymore. might be on irc but i highly doubt it.. later guys Light Out
  16. @lv/n

    Does anyone have a Steam acount and does not playwith Steam anymore?

    Hi!! I want to play with Steam but some stupid friend of mine used my cd-key and does't remember his acount so I'm asking if you might have a Steam acount and don't want to use it anymore so that I can play with Steam... :cry: I want to play with STEAM!!!!!!
  17. I

    Does esf not use irc anymore?

    Does esf not have an irc channel anymore or do I have the wrong details? I tried: #esf and its empty...
  18. T

    I cant play ESF anymore

    I have beta 1,1 i have the oficial steam patch I install beta 1,1 then the patch And it wont WORK !!!!! I am getting nuts here trying to install it for like 5 hours now It worked before But not anymore PLZZZZZZZZZZ HELP
  19. T

    please help me nobody is listening anymore

    i can't play because of my graphics somebody said but that's nonesens becaus i've got directx 8.1 and it still crashes at the moment i can choose characters. and yess i also have opengl my pc: 700 mghz 10 gigabytes amd duron 64mb windows xp proffessional so what should i do
  20. VivaLaPineapple

    simple wallpaper

    yeah simplicity