1. Demonkush


    I finally manned up and decided to watch Claymore, and shit so many bricks. I'm usually very picky when it comes to anime but this had that feel that made me want to keep watching. The power used in the series also reminds me of ki energy in a way, as stupid as that may sound :cool: . This is...
  2. Dokutayuu

    Guess the Anime... again!

    Aim of the game, guess the series. If you're right, it's your turn to post something!
  3. Tenzo

    Deadman Wonderland anime

    So i've just finished the 12th episode of this anime(last released one) and i must say that i really enjoyed it. It's a great anime with a great and intriguing story. Don't know about season 2 but i'd sure love to see more. Has anyone else seen it? What do you guys think about it?
  4. I

    New Berserk anime

    Do you guys like the manga Berserk? There is a rumors in the net for new series and and I will quot some of the news: And there are those short clips. ---------- Double...
  5. A

    When do you think, Shippuuden and Bleach, will be finished anime wise?

    So I've been thinking, if I were able to re-watch the entire Naruto and Bleach series from start to finish, without having to wait for a new episode to come out, it would be spectacular. Unfortunately progression has been slowed down even further from natural disasters. So, when do you...
  6. God Gundam

    Wolverine anime

    well, episode 1 is out and subbed now, just got done watching it. Its a bit early to tell if it'll be good, but my first impressions of it are much better than the original trailer made it out to be. While Logan is still smaller than he was in the original comics in terms of muscle size, I found...
  7. Deathshot

    Hetalia - The Anime of the World

    Anyone else seen this anime? I just recently found out about it and its hilarious..
  8. dbzrogue

    Which anime do you consider to be the most 'stylish'?

    Whether it be due to characters, animation, story, or whatever. By characters - Durarara! IMO has the most stylish characters ever, and the single most badass/trollish villain, Orihara Izaya. Izaya and Shizuo are my favorite characters of all time, and their hate-hate relationship as well...
  9. Mkilbride

    A REAL Tsukihime anime.

    Wouldn't that just be swell? Or perhaps a OVA series like Kara no Kyokai got(Thought since it was the inspiration for Tsukihime, might be dicey) The Visual Novel is one of the greatest stories I've ever read, and it opened up a whole new world and showed me that VN's could...
  10. Grega

    Iron Man Anime

    First ep is out. And while Tony doesnt have the same feel to him as in the cartoon, i must say it doesnt seem bad at all. Then again i can see fanboys screaming the opposite. Your thoughts?
  11. Damaera

    Highschool of the Dead [Anime]

    Anyone watching this new series? It just came out on the 5th of July, and so far it's pretty ****in ballin. The anime only has 13 episodes unfortunately, but I'm sure that's only because the manga currently has 26 chapters. If you haven't watched it yet, watch it son! Also, limit the talk...
  12. dbzrogue

    Favorite anime and anime music?

    Music: Top 5 anime: 1. Code Geass and Code Geass R2 2. Death Note 3. Kara no Kyoukai (****ING AMAZING MOVIE SERIES) 4. Durarara (Best show of the year) 5. Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu (Best comedy show of the year)
  13. Painkiller

    Cool Anime Battles/Moments

    Well.. I suppose this is something similar to a game. So basically, you post some cool anime battle/moment. So here I start off with a first example.
  14. Painkiller

    A good anime

    I want a decent anime. It could be fighting, action or w/e. I'd Njoy animes similar to these: Blassreiter, Blood+, Slayers, Naruto, Dragonball, Samurai Champloo, Basilisk, Samurai 7, Rurouni Kenshin, Claymore and Berserk Thanks in advance :o
  15. Dokutayuu

    Favourite Anime Openings

    It's not terribly lively in here so I guess a thread wouldn't hurt. Claymore got me into Nightmare ^^. The song's pretty fitting.
  16. M

    Conan O'Brien Dubs Anime Heh, I thought this was amusing.
  17. Deathshot

    Anime Guess Who!

    He looks alot like Yamcha huh?
  18. Ryuuzaki

    Fairy Tail Anime!!!

    Finally the first episode of this new series is out. Those who are reading the manga can tell what a great story it has, it's like a second One Piece :D
  19. Dokutayuu

    Any recommendations?

    It's been a while since I've seen one of these threads but I truly need some recommendations. I'd prefer something in the span of around 26 episodes or less and already completed, I hate it when a series gets canceled and FMA:BH and Detective Conan are enough for me right now. Unless the...
  20. Damaera

    Sequel to Berserk! (Anime) Let's hope this is true...
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