1. Gon

    SSJ Gohan animation

    I'm not sure if this is already known, but the fly_powerup_charge animation for SSJ GOHAN makes the left side of his face rip apart. GOHAN and SSJ2 GOHAN are fine.
  2. B

    Chapter 1 ? Animation tutorial using 3D Studio Max

    Hello guys, this is a beginner to advanced user tutorial that I created for you the community. This tutorial is meant only for helping not for selling In this chapter tutorial you will learn about the character studio...
  3. Solent

    How to put sound in animation

    Hi all... sory for create a post for this question Somebody knows a form to add a sound for some animation?.. Example: the brolli of SS and Kama when hi run or when hi strikes EDIT: ANDD....? =P... somebody knows?
  4. wheres_

    Swoop Start Animation suggestion.

    After watching over the budokai map preview I came up with an idea. At current (and from what I saw in that video hasn't been fixed) when you go to double tap swoop you see a couple of frames of the walk animation before the swoop kicks in and it looks a bit glitchy and rough. My suggestion...
  5. dan_esf_fanatic

    Flying animation suggestion.

    I don't like the current flying animation. Instead, wouldn't it be cooler if the character would be more bent to the front like in the show? (see Smo's Mystic Gohan model)
  6. gokuss2

    I search tutorials of animation 3ds max

    HI I am creating a mod of dragon ball for hl2 RPG, and already I have the model of goku small, but nose that tool max uses in 3ds to encourage, some person can give me a good tutorial of animation with 3ds max, to jump to move and quite thank you
  7. Theoboy

    .gif animation?

    I want to make a .gif signature, but I don't know how. Example: If I want a square to move from the right to the left. How do I do that?
  8. Theoboy

    Question about animation

    Are all these animations needed for every single model?
  9. ZeroNightmare

    animation help

    anyone know how to animate things descently, without losing all the image quality?
  10. Kamicciolo

    New Dragonball Z Animation ... sort of

    I was on this website called Daizenshuu EX and saw this video http:// what does everyone think of it
  11. E

    Whatever happened to the backflip animation?

    I saw in 1.1(played it for like a week before 1.2 was released).
  12. bapplebo

    Laws of Japanese Animation Make sure you read these twice, then make your own anime flick!
  13. J

    Funny animation clip wasnt made by me, and it may take a while to load, its a very high quality movie. but its great XD i remember having such troubles....
  14. Almighty_Gir

    Funny animation clip wasnt made by me, and it may take a while to load, its a very high quality movie. but its great XD i remember having such troubles....
  15. Deathshot

    Need Help with a Fusion Animation

    Ok what i need to know is how i can learn all about Animations in the EASIEST form cause all the Tutorials i have seen where hard to understand ... what i need is someone great at Animations but Not to great that they will get Angry with me for not understanding something ... can anyone.. i...
  16. L

    Animation Tutorials...

    Animation/Rigging Tutorials... Hey everyone, this is the first time ive done this but.. Ive been dieing to find a good animation/rigging tutorial for 3d studiomax, Ive been around searching.. and all ive found are tutorials for 3dsm 1,2,3 D: Nuttzy or someone who can animate in max, have any...
  17. imported_EVIL_GOKU

    Animation 4 ground melle

    Well I was thinking that instead of just flying near the ground when u take someone in melle there shoul be an animation like this:
  18. ZeroNightmare

    Ragnarok Animation

    was bored, wanted to crop my rag dood!
  19. ZeroNightmare

    Mechanical Animation

    ok, this isnt mine but i thought it deserved some recognition, i saw it at a forum while rummaging through
  20. KidMan

    Generic Beam Animation

    This might have been said before, not sure. My idea was to have the generic beam animations be different. Instead of having Goku and the rest of the gang do a one handed charge that all looks the same, why not add some variety into it to make it more unique? it doesn't change how strong the...