1. L

    New Future Trunks model

    Hey, dont forget 1.1 is gonna come (hopefully :D ) I was wondering if any 1 is gonna make a trunks model for 1.1 (plz dont get made for me postin this thread cuse the ppl over at sos definatly gave me a hard time when i was new and posted somthin). Well just wondering cuse 1.1 is on the way and...
  2. Bryggz

    Suggestions for new animations

    ok guys i feel that ill need a seperate thread for this cause this post would easily get lost in those 20 something pages. I want some suggestions for new animations i can make! so far ive made..... change_long, change_finish, a new swoop animation, i did make a new charge_kamehameha but soccer...
  3. Bryggz

    question for any experienced animators(milkshape)

    ok ive done it accidentaly a couple times but it would save me SO MUCH TIME if someone could tell me how to do this....ok one time i had a beginning frame....and then i place the last frame....and all the frames in the middle (the ones leading from the 1st position to the last position) were...
  4. VivaLaPineapple

    soon to be the ultimate animation these are my character concepts. its going to be counter strike animation but with alot more action then most cs movies. i made myself a character which is the one on the right. well what u guys think? its all drawin in flash 5
  5. maxigt

    Decompile in milkshape.

    How do I decompile a moldel with milkshape 3D? When I try Importing the file in nothing happens.:cry: