1. Jariroth

    Gunnm(Battle Angel Alita) signature

    I only made this in a hurry to have atleast a new signature before coming back to the forums. Btw is this sig considered nudity because she actually doesnt have any clothes on? But then again she doesnt have any nipples or genitalia to show because she is a cyborg. Altough the rules...
  2. M

    Delta Force: Angel Falls

    Description: Features: System Requirements: Screenshots: Source:
  3. M

    Delta Force - Angel Falls Information

  4. M

    Delta Force - Angel Falls

  5. SuBMix

    New Angel Of Death Sig .

    i made if for FUN hope you like it
  6. Arsenovicius


    Oki I made this one.. Coments ?
  7. ZeroNightmare

    Criss Angel...

    I love how open he is now about being a fake.
  8. M

    Criss Angel

    What is it with this guy, he levitates, can pull items out of thin air, can navigate coins through his body, now he walks on water?! I know it must be a illusion, but if so how the heck did he do it?
  9. ZeroNightmare

    Angel #3

    3rd attempt. i like this one alot, excluding the text, and i didnt save a psd so eck,
  10. Optimus Prime

    Criss Angel: Mind Freak

    Anyone else catch this on A&E? This guy pwns David Blaine. Maybe I'm just a sucker for this kind of stuff. But DAYUM!
  11. Ashur


    Well made the base form.... Il add details and fix it up... Click on the image to enlarge it So tell me whats wrong with it... :tired: And coments are welcome to :]
  12. Ravendust

    Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel Despite the score, I don't think it looks too bad. Transmuting the environment looks interesting, and it looks a lot like DBZ: Saga's but for FMA. Has anyone got this yet? Thoughts?
  13. Suh Dude

    Angel From Heaven.

    I got the stock from sigsource. I was bored, so I did simple brushing.
  14. Rayna

    Battle Angel

    Made my new avah & 2 siggies from BAA; They kinda look alike? Yes they do, because I used many similar brushes in both, and no the dragon from the 1st is not the same as the 2nd, even though they look very much alike. So any C&C from you guys?
  15. X

    ...Room of Angel...

    Is anyone here a Silent Hill fan? I just picked up Silent Hill 4 the other day and I must say its got pretty good unique ideas that set the game apart from the previous ones. Though the storyline connects with many events from Silent Hill 2 the characters are not related... Atleast I don' think...
  16. Trojan

    Angel Photoedit

    What do you think? Some pictures taken from
  17. tekhsheen

    angel from nowhere

    hehehe... this is some of the classic joke like there is a pilot and something apears from nowhere, and in the picture if you look closely, you can see a reflection of another angel in the right part of sun glasses :rolleyes: :talk: ;D
  18. D

    Tech Angel

    Just to get things straight, this bg isn't really "Tech" but it is just the name of the piece so deal with it =P
  19. Phobius

    If you like the show Angel please check out this post.

    I just got wind lately that one of my favourite tv shows on the WB Angel is getting cancelled and theres a big fan upset about this. If you watch the show and want to see another season check out these sites that could possibly help to save the show Angel...
  20. -Origin

    Angel Wings signature

    I posted this in a new thread to avoid double posting :laff: