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May 24, 2003
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-----My Squad leader Rogue*CS ended up calling nova after the mods went crazy in the novaworld forums (they picked up on the 5th ring) He asked them about DF: Angel Falls - here is the result of his conversation: ----

After the commotion on Novaworld and the way Moderators were banning players, locking our posts, and going as far as deleting our posts as soon as we made them, I sort of had a spell of paranoia. My second in command was suspended for posting info about pinger, and 6 hours later there was a sticky post warning people not to share that info in Nova and he and one other was banned, but later today I know IcIshoot had his account reinstated.

The moderator was, shall I say, perturbed and at the point of sounding angry when he answered the phone (which was picked up after the 5th when I called them today.

He started by making his case known, and after talking to him a bit in my, "hey bro, I'm your friend not your enemy" tone, I slid right on in to the subject of the new game coming out.

Delta Force Angel Falls.

>Angel Falls is being built on a completely new game engine, as I am told.
>The graphics and playability are, in his words, comparable to Crisis.
>Angel Falls is going to be launched on at least 3 platforms.
>Angel Falls is "Delta Force" and will be in the same spirit of BHD, and not a copycat version of JO, JOE or DFX.
>Map making will still exist, but it will be mostly Nile based while preserving the MEDS we use now. Nova has a MED that allows them "to change terrains on the fly", which is nothing like we have seen yet, also the terrains are, as I understood it, editable, he (Nova Mod) was explaining to me that he was building a cave into the side of a mountian styled after the flat plateau mountinas in Mexico.
>There will be drivable and flyable vehicles.

Delta Force Cuba

>The PS3 and XBOX format of Angel Falls
>No other info was given.

Time frame for release.


>Demo will be available possibly 6 months prior to the release.

Delta Force Operation Acid Gambit

>Never made it out of preproduction, was presented to the market researchers and it "flopped".

The more I know the more I will share, if you have any info to add or hear of anything please let me know.

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Dec 1, 2001
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Very sad to hear that about the Unit game. Awesome find on Angel Falls though. I plan on being there from day 1.

Some info I have:

The engine being used for the game is a derivative of the latest Unreal engine. **** yeah Crisis. Nova Admin had said at one point that he was walking by a modellers desk and confused an in game model with the reference pics.

Nile is still nile, you cannot edit terrains, but you can place objects past the bounding boxes on the terrain (this is how the tunnel maps are made on JOTR/JOE/DFX, and the bunker maps are made on DF:BHD so it looks like we'll get new breaching objects, which is still cool.)

Mod 13 slipped up and mentioned that XBL players and PC players would be able to play against one another. Easy stats homeslice, easy stats.

As for the Mod banning spree: one of the many reasons I no longer play JOE. I want to go out with a clean name and no bans.

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