1. Mkilbride

    So no topic on it yet...DayZ, the realistic survival horror mod, in Alpha. You need ArmAII & Operation Arrowhead. Watch Arnold, the Terminator, play DayZ: And this is a good video for getting used to the game... ------------------ This is not a mod for people who want...
  2. Mkilbride

    World of Warplanes - from the makers of World of Tanks; Alpha Signups

    Yeap, World of Tanks ,a fun game I'm sure most of us have at least played. Well here comes World of Warplanes...and it's going into Alpha: Got to answer some questions to enter, but most answers can be found on Google.
  3. underline

    Link-Dead Alpha RELEASE!!

    Hi guys. Link-Dead Public Alpha Release is here. Enjoy this AWESOME game ps. I'm not a bot! LOL..
  4. KarrdeKNR

    Natural Selection 2 Alpha Date Set - Last Chance to Pre-Order the Special Edition After waiting for ages it's finally coming :) I've been watching them put this game together for some time now. I played the bajesus out of NS1 so in repayment I preordered the SE version of NS2 last year. It's really starting...
  5. M

    Moonbase Alpha Released

    Source: Here's a trailer: Official website - Steam store entry - I'm enjoying it so far, though it's short on content...
  6. KarrdeKNR

    Natural Selection 2 - Alpha Version of Spark Engine Tools Released

    So Unknown Worlds released the alpha version of their tools, which currently only contains the map editor. Although there's only a few parts done and even fewer entities, props, etc, it's looking pretty good. Much easier than hammer ever was. I spent the last few hours playing around and...
  7. The Deco

    Can't play esf alpha 2.0

    Don't ask why I want to but I simply cant play. When I try to play it, it gives me HL fatal error "cannot load library client.dll" What do I need to do?
  8. Damaera

    zomg, Valkyrie Alpha, Optimus Prime, I'm calling you outz0r!

    That's right. I changed the timezones to see if it was true that your birthday would be today. Happy Birthday!!
  9. Damaera

    Earth's Special Forces Alpha 2.0

    Remember those good ol' days? With the beam whores? Big Bang whores? Final Flash whores? Disc whores? Miss calling them those names? Now's your chance to start doing that again. I am working on an ESF Alpha 2.0 on Steam version. It will be released soon, but I am going to need a host. If anyone...
  10. Bandock

    ESF Alpha 1.5 Hosting on Steam

    Just got ESF Alpha 1.5 to work on Steam, though has some strange side effects (since it was originally built before Steam ever existed). My general idea is to provide a week's hosting (currently deciding on time) to experience the fun of what it feels like before even Alpha 2.0 came around...
  11. S

    ROL Alpha 6 Release->

    Here is a quick video,not the best but something to chew on. GO 1999 :D If you want to test it you can grab it from, remember read the information before you try to play . There is a TON of stuff left to do ;-)...
  12. Growler

    Alpha Mapping Tut

    Anyone got some nice tutorials up their sleeve which I can benefit from? specifically alpha mapping for 3D modeling
  13. B

    Alpha 2.0 code?

    That link in the sticky has been down for ages, so could someone re-up it somewhere? Thanks for any help :)
  14. F

    What is esf alpha 2.0

    I don't get it, you didnt even finish 1.3 and you already released an alpha version of 2.0, or are these two separate projects
  15. X

    Street Fighter Alpha Generations

    New Street Fighter Alpha anime (lol, someone on Orochinagi forums said Gouki has a huge ass... Anyway... yeah). ** EDIT ** Please Do Not Post Links Leading to other forums. If you need to show something please post a direct link. thank you EDIT: I edited the post in my forum, I added the...
  16. K

    ESF beta 1.2.3 or ESF Alpha 2.0???

    Hello! what is the best of that 2? what is the older version between beta1.2.3 and alpha2.0? it's possible to add the shell(picture of ki live,...) of 2.0 in 1.2.3? Thanks bye
  17. B

    Alpha 2.0

    What version of Half Life do you need to play Alpha 2.0??? If your wondering why I'm trying to play that it's because I can't get a registry entry for Half Life on my computer :(
  18. grOOvy

    MechMod Alpha Trailer

    MechMod Alpha Trailer Main Featured Content: MechMod Alpha 1.0 for Half-Life Video Codec Used: XviD [ link ] Audio Codec Used: MPEG Layer 3 Music Used: J-Pop, Mix of: Tamaki Nami - Reason (Instrumental) & KOTOKO - Supperation (Core) File Size: 69.9 MB Credits: ZacK (Video recording...
  19. A

    Another Alpha 2.0 Question

    Where can I get SSJ Script 6.0? Anyone know? If they have it, AIM me: vipa111
  20. A

    ESF Alpha 2.0..... RELEASED!

    Download: DLL: The DLL is required to play Alpha 2.0. You must put the DLL in your halflife folder in steam to play alpha 2.0. Make sure to back up your current...