1. H

    I need a duel gamemode script/ addon

    Hey guys, i want a script of duel. It's sample: is one vesus one, and if the oponent loses, he waits on spectating, and i gain points if i defeat someone. Example: is me vesus opponent (but if i defeat him one time i wins and the loser goes to spectate until your turn)
  2. Deathshot

    An Idea (Achievement Addon for all HL Games)

    Ok, so I have been thinking about it and I was wondering about this. Say I wanted to make an Achievement plugin that would work on All Half-life Games. But each game would have its own set of achievements. Say I play Counter-Strike -5 Headshots in a Row -2 Knives to the Back -1000 Total...
  3. Boogyman93

    New addon for ESF 1.2.3? :O

    I searched on google images "ESF" and i came up with this... And there are more! This is just one of the pictures. There are 2 of these addons called "UM-wFs" and "Evt-UDW", both work in progress.
  4. Mr.Lukyas

    Dragon Ball Tournament addon -- We are hiring!

    ~link removed~ We need coders, we need people of experience and people who we can trust to. ECX was the greatest mod made for ESF but DBT WILL be the greatest mod made for ESF. With an exception we are mod for ESF 1.3! So, if you have any coding experience, or you are just a modeler...
  5. Skyrider

    Tournament Addon, Forum Changes, & New Forum Admin!

    Hey everyone, As of lately, I've worked hard on the forums to make everything as good as possible. This is not only plugin wise! While some may be completely useless, I'm mostly only aiming for those who are and will be quite useful for the forums. I've also made a lot of fixes on the main...
  6. TourPallanen

    Team RaD's Addon

    Hi Guys Just thought i would let you know that Team RaD is making a new Addon for ESF If you guys are wondering what we did, Our clan and EvoSSJ4 did the SSJ4 addon for ESF and EVM. I can't say exactly what we are doing (Mainly because we haven't discussed anything yet except the idea of...
  7. Daven Sodan

    Addon for esf 1.1b

    Good day. A friend of mine and I are planning to make a 2 day network session in the next few following weeks and want to play all esf version that are available (alphas, and all betas). Now I found out about the ECX and EVM addons for the 1.2b but didnt find any of these addons for the...
  8. nemix12

    ECX Addon Reborn Project

    It's an addon wich adds more things Spiritbomb Sprite: Deathball Sprite: Kamehameha Sprite: Goku: Compare Goku: Goku SSJ: Goku SSJ2: Goku SSJ3: sprites are done from 0 we will need permisions for gokus and we'll change gokus head cuz its sv vegettos one.... we need more...
  9. The Deco

    UMF ESF add-on

    Hey does anyone know about this Add-on and if it was released or when will be released? Thanks
  10. Mr.Lukyas

    Addon for HL2: Meni

    Did anyone try this? it is quite similart to AMXX. It has some cool features, like, "Set time bomb" "Freeze player" "Slap player (same as in amxx), "Burn player" "Blind player" "Set teleport location and teleport player"..... Also it includes special windows. You bind it, and after you press...
  11. vinay87

    How many of the people on these forums still play ESF (not the openbeta or any addon)

    I still do. And atleast 3 times a week. And never get bored of it. Maybe I will eventually, that'll prolly be when I decide to delete the 20.3 GB of DBZGT stuff I have and also when pigs fly and the Nobel prize people give out prizes for the most frags in one Quake 3 Arena game. And when n00bs...
  12. VideoJinx

    BeamStruggle addon Fix

    Ok the new features of the beam struggle and how it works are pretty cool.. but once your out of ki =| the fun is over... example.. Me and Dark psed for spunky's video... we struggled for a while and at the end when the beam was moving fairly slow.. i ran out of ki.. I had to sit there and...
  13. V

    Valve World icon pack ADDon 1

    Hi :) It's addon to Valve World icon pack. This pack include 26 icons - 4 icons for main games and mods, 20 icons for third party mods, 3 extras (include tray icons) and Steam skin. Steam skin include icons for all "steam menu" games ;) Some mods already released, some mods will release...
  14. bapplebo

    Browser add-on (lost it :O)

    I remember an old addon (for Firefox, IE and other popular browsers) where you can use your mouse with other functions without using right click (or, right click then picking an option) For example, to go back 1 page, you 'hold down right-click and shift the mouse left'. Forward, 'right-click...
  15. Hitman47

    ssj4 addon plugin

    i read at that exist this,is real ??? if yes where can i download it ???
  16. V

    *NEW* addon for esf AoS

    new addon for esf under construion ... need new members to join and apply for jobs visit AoS HERE
  17. K

    SSJ4 Addon!!!

    Can someone give me the link where i can download the SSJ4 Addon for EVM? In the forum there was no link. Please help me!!!
  18. D

    My team [ SSJ4 ADDON asking modeler!]

    we still really need is a modeler which could make for us a cool gogeta(ssj4/ssj),a fatgogeta,gotenks(all stages),goten-trunks(chibi) and gokollo Do someone wanna help us ? :laff: -Greetz Davy
  19. D

    Where Can i Get the addon thing to get extra characters?

    I already have Evoulution X where do i get the thing for more Characters????
  20. Numenor

    Character AddOn packs

    So many suggestions for extra characters, it would be great if extra chacters could be released by the esf team as packs to install ontop of the esf install. Like expansion packs or whatever. I know they are prob to busy to do this and I thought about suggesting that they would be comunity made...