1. dan_esf_fanatic

    Deleting long-inactive members' accounts.

    What I mean is delete the accounts of those that have like 4 or 5 posts and have registered in 2003, or even earlier. It's obvious they're not coming back, and even if they did they forgot their username and password. I don't mean banning them, just deleting their accounts so they can register...
  2. dan_esf_fanatic

    Where stealing steam accounts gets you.

    Hey I was just checking around and on another forum I found out that some 13 year old tried to steal someones password over MSN! >_> *Sigh* Read this: MSN Conversation: br0kenrabbit says: hi Greg_ValveOLS says: good evening br0kenrabbit says: What's ip? br0kenrabbit says: up...
  3. Skyrider

    Free Gmail Accounts! (Direct Register Links)

    I'm not going to ask who wants free Gmail accounts, instead I'm going to post a lot of them in this thread. So you can get one as you see fit. Below you see about 94 Gmail accounts, so it should be enough for those who want one. Just don't take all the links for yourself, lol...
  4. S

    10 Free FTP Accounts :D

    I'm offering the first 10 people who respond a free ftp account :o. The rules and regulations will be in the readme that comes with the account. Current FTPs Available: 1. Goten-son - 10 MB File Size Limit 2. Ryoko - 50 MB File Size Limit 3. Optimus Prime - 15 MB File Size Limit 4...
  5. M

    wow, my accounts still active

    well, just wanted to check if my account still worked.....most of you dont know me, i used to post along time ago, but some old posters might remember me....anyway i just dropped by to say hey.
  6. Kreshi

    SSJ4 Goku Beta!!!

    Ok, i have not finished the goku, but it is almost done! Look: The problem is the body.......... the body sucks :fight: :laff: :cry: And I have also still to make a tail, but the tail isn´t the problem.... the problem is the animations from the tail!!!!! Wahhhhhhh, I don´t have any...
  7. Z

    First bryce pic

    its become my little project to make space crafts from a planet called Xan, a water planet far away from earth, with aliens on it (of course..) well anyway, hope you like crits?
  8. Q


    Im not sure if this is Indy or not, So ill just post it and yall can tell me what it is. Also I need some tips on the text, Anyone? Id love some comments etc. Also, This is my very first time at Indy art. P.S. Renders came from Wogasm. Thanks man. EDIT: Here is another one I need to...
  9. S

    Gotenks WIP

    Hey, I've been working on skinning a Gotenks q3 model an converting it to Esf for a while now (It will be released with normal ssj and ssj3 with a sound pack and new transform anims etc). This is my first dbz skin, and I think I've done okay..., These pics are kinda the skin (of...
  10. N

    Too Many Accounts, Help

    :idea: hey, i need a moderator to do something for me, I would like this account "Nuon" to be completely deleted, and the account, "nucleo" to be renamed to "Nucleo", I have two names and im not alloud, so delete Nuon for me, and as a favor, rename "nucleo" to "Nucleo" Thanks A LOT!
  11. S

    REDSAIYAN File Database Accounts

    I decided to give account to mappers and modelers on, this way you will be able to add your files, without asking my permission or have a delay to get your file hosted. What you will have: - Power to add your files in any sections of the file db - Edit other files and your...
  12. Ryoko

    Deviant ART and your accounts.

    Well, heres mine. I thought the people here who have such accounts could post them. I'll check you out and may even comment ^^
  13. SA_Gohan

    Char Concept

    Ello all :D I finally got around to finishing my character concept for a modelling contest. And, here she is: copy and paste Stats Race: Human Age: 17 Weapon: Daishi Story: A human fighter born in a time of peace, about five years after the...
  14. S

    sig hosting

    wanna host your sigs nice and simple: