1. Tassadar

    Nearly 11,800 dead from Earthquake in Southern Asia

    COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - An earthquake of epic power struck deep beneath the Indian Ocean on Sunday, unleashing 20-foot tidal waves that ravaged coasts across thousands of miles and killed over 23,000 people. On Monday, legions of rescuers spread across Asia, searching for survivors and rushing aid...
  2. sithlord

    gravity chamber

    Can someone make a map inside a huge gravity chamber? It would be cool to have battles at 400G...maybe the map could even have some training bots or something :D
  3. S

    Multiple similar attachments? Possible?

    I jsut want to know if there is a way to tell the mdoel in the qc to use multiple attachments. Like $attachment 1 "Bip01 L Hand" 0.800000 0.000000 0.800000 $attachment 1 "Bip01 R Hand" 0.800000 0.000000 0.800000 This doesn't work, it just shows up the first one listed there. Is the...
  4. Mr. Satans

    Default Maps (And Some Custom 1's)

    ESF_Island is my least favorite map on ESF (Reasons Below) -- Don't get me wrong Stryker, I respect your skills as a mapper but ESF_Island lags & isn't scaled to the models. The reason I get lag is due to my slow ass CPU speed (p2mx 350mhz! w00t -- Everything else is good 256mb ram, 46gb hd...
  5. V


    Hey is that the primary prog u guys use to make maps, or is there some incredibly great OTHER prog you guys make maps with. ~RAGE
  6. Wuying Ren

    WIP Future Goku reskin

    I made a reskin of the Goten model by God Gundam he get credits and stuff. This is future Goku he appears in a dbz/dbgt special 100 years after dbz he is the grandson of pan. Here is the skin: notice I don't changed the face only the bandana on his head (I say this because it...
  7. S


    Ey Guys. i have 1 question. the QUESTION: How Do I Make Low Grav In MY Map?!! i need it for a space map. plz help me with my last question b4 Beta is out but thnx anyway to read my treath !SaiyaMan!
  8. Ryoko

    Yet another Ryoko wallpaper (800 x 600)

    Well, heres another one from me! Tell me your opinions on it. If you are getting bored of my work, don't comment.
  9. Ryoko

    New Wallpapers (Both 800 and 1024)

    I entered these into that (now closed) wallpaper competition and got no comments, so I'm asking here, what do you think of them? http://members.lycos.co.uk/tomaholt/R1024.jpg Don't forget the other 1024 version, they are a little different.
  10. USJTrunks

    Wallpaper : Silent Intensity

    Wow, it's a wallpaper! http://www.deviantart.com/view.php?id=568007
  11. R

    How many polies...

    How many polies can an ESF character have? Suppose it were for Counter-Strike as well... how many polies? PeAcE:idea:
  12. ZuL

    My first human body model...

    I made it for fun, and i didnt think it would get this good, but here it is! one thing that makes it bad, is that i didnt use any mirror style when creating it. Its 50% made by hand, the rest is tesselated :D gotta love tesselating. One thing that bothers me, is that MAX says its 803 polygons...