1. M

    Aliens vs. Predator Classic 2000

    Source: http://store.steampowered.com/news/3335/ With Aliens vs. Predator (a reboot of the series) a month away from release, this is a good opportunity to become acquainted/reacquainted with the series. Edit It looks like it only comes with the singleplayer campaign, but no multiplayer...
  2. Mr. Satans

    Super Request 2000 EX

    I am in desperate need of a .wav file that I am having a huge difficulty trying to find. Remember Sega Genesis? I need a .wav of the "Seeegggaaaaa" thing when you start a game. I'd really appritiate it.
  3. Nuttzy

    Tyler from heavy metal 2000

    well this was bult to suit his first uniform you see him in which was the "mammoth metal mining" uniform he wore for the first half of the movie, im having problmes skinmapping it, i mean i can skinmap it just fine, but my practices aint working too well here, sometimes it takes someones...
  4. T

    Kai Suit Gohan

    Wasn't there a Gohan Kai suit model released at one time? anyone have the link for it? i think sxyasian86 did it...thanks.
  5. S

    Making a RPGMaker 2000 dbz game

    Hey guess waht guys?!?! im makeing a game call Dragonball AF: The game cool huh I need sum *skips off* wait this is being made with RPGMaker 2000 it aint 3D and i need sum animaters and sum people to make the website and sum Beta testers and mappers. email me a [email protected] to join the...
  6. U

    ultimate ssj4 pack

    the new [edited goku] ultimate ssj4 :tired: i need someone to host it for me goku ssj4 real herre and real pans :laff:
  7. DogLord

    Radu Lykan....DogLord....released!!

    Radu Lykan...DogLord *edit*released!!!!http://home.centurytel.net/diablo/downloads.htm go to the downloads section and click radu lykan......*end of edit* heres a model i'm workin on......i used picolo for a base but i had to cut the arms off and a whole lot of other stuff...*edit* heres...
  8. M

    Majin Vegeta Final

    Weee after months of not doin anything on teh poor jack.. butt i made him sum new armz and.. a butt poly count is 1682 :P, with 1 skinmap
  9. Mr.Bugskin


    How did my skin get hosted? http://www.fileplanet.com/files/120000/122083.shtml at file planet?
  10. VivaLaPineapple

    how to do awsome 3d walls

    you have seen them everywhere, 3d wallpapers. well they arnt that hard to make. tools needed: photoshop 3d studio max 1.open 3d studio max and make a spike 2. copy this spike numeruos times and rotate it making some sort of porcupine shape. 3. save this image 4. open photoshop and set...
  11. J

    Android 17

    Im workin on an Android 17 model. All i need to finish the body is a good pic of his gun, then i'll start the head. It might get into ESF, but it might have too many polies. It's 1850 now and should be ~2200 with the head. If you have a good ref pic of his gun, plz post it! and...
  12. D

    Where can i get milkshape?

    Does anyone know where i can get milkshape or like a demo of it? thanx.
  13. Logan4434


    for all you people out there who love my new found favorate dbz character Gogeta heres your big chance! heres a pic: and the dl link:http://filedb.redsaiyan.net/filedb.php?action=download&id=196 and the credits are in the zip so leave me the **** alone

    uhh....im new,i have a question

    does any 1 know if some 1 has made a kid buu or gogeta model?o:D
  15. fatmanterror

    little project on a boring day

    well i was bored so i did an ssj2 goku, i reskinned the gi pants cause i never liked em much, and i know its too red, but thats because i like it that way and i dont have to be completely accurate http://www.geocities.com/cf1052000/ssj2goku.jpg just copy and paste the address
  16. A

    z fighters vs the world

    hey guys any1 here know's the z fighters vs the world game ? u know .. the 2d fighting game , anyway , i just wanted to ask u guys who knows where can i get some charecter's for it , if there are any , cuz there is a add/remove feature there if u know where i can get some , plz tell me
  17. fatmanterror

    ohhhh why not

    ohhhh why not(models for dl) well, since im done modeling, and these models will just go to waste, here u all go, note i didnt finish the ssj4 gogeta like i thought i would but trust me its fine ingame. enjoy Model Page
  18. D.C. Darkling

    Voodoo3 2000 finetuning

    Yes i know. Old card but its ok. Yet I can't get it finetuned. I got 3rd party drivers now. (to bad I never got wickedGL, site seems down) yet with all new drivers and proggies I still am no step closer. The menu's got functions I know nothing about. I looked on voodoofiles and got lost...
  19. Y

    Rpg maker 2000

    Who has rpg maker 2000? Cuz i need help on something. oh yeh theres only 8 more dayz for the new dbz ps2 game. peace out
  20. R

    How many polies...

    How many polies can an ESF character have? Suppose it were for Counter-Strike as well... how many polies? PeAcE:idea: