1. L

    opengl in windows 2000

    is it possible, and where can i dl it. i have a geforce 2ultra and 256mb ram.
  2. S

    My first model!!

    Hi. Anyways, I was finally able to finish my model (no skin), and I need your comments on it that would make it better. So far these things I have caught: arms too large the feet need to be shorter and not blocky needs hands (whoops, I forgot those ;D ) the head is square (working on it)...
  3. fatmanterror

    Model Edits

    here are alot of edited/new models that ive made/edited/got from DBZ Piccolo To the Models
  4. B

    Help!!!! Please Help Me!

    Guys i need to know how to use the fonts of this website www.themeworld.com it says u can D/L em but i dont know where to place em in on my computer to get them to work :cry: Can 1 of you ESF guru's please tell me please thanks guys i wub you all :rolleyes:
  5. fatmanterror

    Gene model done, early skin though

    GENE MODEL there ya go i posted it before but when i clicked the link it messed up so im just makin sure. i decided not to do a hilda model, im going to include spike from cowboy bebop instead which is the next model im doin
  6. J

    sig i made, plz give me feedback

    hey i made this sig for Hybrid 2000 i think it's pretty cool :) <img src="http://www.ffweb.barrysworld.net/hybridsig.jpg">
  7. J

    Your sig is ready Hybrid 2000

    here it is, i think this one is pretty cool :) anyone else give me their comments, especially nightsword, android 16 and ofcourse SPiN :) <img src="http://www.ffweb.barrysworld.net/hybridsig.jpg">
  8. Antoine3323

    Editing models???

    How would I be able to edit a Half-Life model??? I cant seem to import it or anything!! What do I do??? Heres the progs I have: Milkshape 3D 1.5.8 Lightwave 7 Animation Master 2000
  9. DareDevil

    Half-Life Poly Count?

    I was just wondering what is the Max Polys a model in Half-Life can have? I know that in Quake 3 it can support over 1000 but thats Quake lol. Thnx :id: