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    XMAS - Update

    LOL @ Esman ... u go boy. Ask them 21 questions and see if they still love u :) The ESF team will do what they want as they have done in the past. You can go ahead and try but you won't get too far. Of course us, the waiting gamers, would just like for the team to put in bare necessities and...
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    New Map System Revealed

    This has definitely sparked my interest. Large maps is a good idea no doubt. Can probably use the 32 players per server now. Also the game is just looking really good too. Grega, What's your computer specs to be getting only 50fps
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    more Ki = more damage ?

    As was mentioned before, the effect you're seeing is a fault of ecx or the script you are using. If i recall, there were numerous variables and one of them is "Pl" and "real PL" (not actual names) maybe the "pl" is being changed (the number in ur hud) and not the "real pl" hence why the results...
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    more Ki = more damage ?

    True. All connected but not the same. Your equation would look better as KI=Stamina+PL+HP :p
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    Ho Ho Ho!

    Sexy!! Looks real good
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    An offical ESF newsletter!

    I was just about to create a thread on this. I've been following this site for years. Irregularly mind you because the updates are irregular. You were consistent at some point a while back Damaera but not always. I too honestly believe a newsletter is perfect. Everytime there's an update, it...
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    Bid For Power 4.0 "Final". -_-

    wow bfp is still around and people are still talking about it. I played that game a lot right before playing and moving to ESF. BFP was fun at the time. There were many maps and characters with different moves. I wouldn't play it now though.
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    The ability to dodge when stunned at the expense of Ki

    Excellent. Does it work from a rolling position?
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    The ability to dodge when stunned at the expense of Ki

    The idea comes from DBZ legends on the psx. In that game whenever your opponent is combo'n u, you can dash away at any time to break the combo at the expense of ki. I believe this would be a good add to ESF because if you play 1.2.3, you know there are some really good players out there. The...
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    Has Dabura been considered?

    Dabura also has a sword may I remind you all. He not only can turn people to stone effectively freezing them like Sub-zero would his opponents in mortal kombat, he can also spit flames. Now In game it could catch an opponent on fire so damage done wit time (like in half life) or it can blurr the...
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    ESF too difficult?

    Is ESF difficult? I would say no. We've all learnt it. Mastering the game however is challenging. I just want to say that keeping bots is probably an integral part of learning to play. Bots for one have different difficulties, so the player can choose accordingly. They also teach a player...
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    Android 17, Particle System Experiment, New Sprite Format

    Whoa!! Great work on the pics. The trunks model is amazing and couldn't help but notice the trees and grass :D You know guys/gals all this is peaking my curiosity. Because so much work and change is going into 1.3, it's almost as if after the release of 1.3 there will be no further updates and...
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    FX Editor Continued, Status Update

    Indeed. And just think of all the other creative stuff bound to follow using this tool.
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    FX Editor Continued, Status Update

    It's for demonstration only. Don't concern yourself too much about it... In hell it rains fire :) What kind of stress do these kinds of effects put on a users computer? (look too good to cost no additional burden to a computer)
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    My first plugin - Water Splash W.I.P

    aaahhh nice. Well if you find that time and decide to make it, I certainly don't think you'd regret it.