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    Tein y not

    I would like to see this as well as other new char's. but i agree with Orz and wouldn't put it as a priority.
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    Special Beam Cannon/blast

    the attacking your talking about, i also suggested. I believe it's called: "Ma-Co-sis" as quoted by piccolo.......and if you care to remember, he does this when he is a super namek. ( as you've already said, when he fought 17, and all) on the topic heading. i would like to see this as well...
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    Sensing Energy waves/balls

    I like the idea. but it couldn't do it for every...little...thing.... only when you have a fully charged kamahamaha or final flash, or sprit bomb. but with that said, Kid buu couldn't sense the MASSIVE Sprit bomb from earth, he had to see it, so maybe this shouldn't so in the game.... omg! i...
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    anger management :p

    yeah mabey. it would make sence seeing as the only use their signiture moves after a period of time. and for example USSJ Vegeta was being beaten up by cell and he used final flashm he used it then not at the start of the fight. and again with gohan and cell, they both faught with each other...
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    anger management :p

    cat fish, you don't need power level to win, so if you were killed 10 times in a row, you'd have power level and you wouldn't be fact you'd be losing, or getting 'owned'; and if you were trying, it would then even out with your newly found power level - so whats this about me...
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    anger management :p

    I'd expect with this feature, if u died 10 times in a row, regardless of whether u hit them or not, your powerlevel would be pretty much equal, no matter what either of your power levels are! and if u can't aim and shot a ball or beam, or use melee, i'll say it again, you deserve to lose...
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    anger management :p

    - as quoted by freiza that’s what melee is for. there is already a feature to balance the game... "mp_plcatchup" "0" is the command It work on the servers average powerlevel, and brings you power level to closer to the average each hit/death. and catfish it's zolmaster's idea. the...
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    Cells transfomation

    i thought even cell said that it was just easier if he got "the power (specificatly) generated form the andriods" and that he didn't NEED them. but i also remeber what orz is talking about....hmmm
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    Cells Tail

    i think it would be alright, except for the damage thing. i think it should be more like a power struggle with crushing damage (when you're losing badly your health goes down) so cell has to work for his new power.
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    PowEr STrugglE. 1.2

    who will get the frag/power level if it just blows up? the person futhest away from it? i would also prefer a server option then just taking it out.
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    insanity bar wouldn't. you should read post before you start a new thread. there seomthing else going around right now: "anger managment :p" if you like that idea (it's like yours) tell them why and everything there.
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    anger management :p

    then once again, no matter how good u are, or how much stronger you are to them, your going to lose that melee, or ps, or whatever. i thought u said it would be fair and balanced? how can it be fair, balanced or even right if the weaker one wins?
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    final flash

    yeah i agree with you. it would be nice, but i wouldn't put it so high on the esf 'THINGS TO DO' list.
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    anger management :p

    So if the winner gets it for winning, and the loser gets it for losing....whats the point? so everyone can have a turn at 'owning' ?! in my opinion, if you really suck, you shouldn't be allowed to own. you should be forced to get you skill better, not be given hand-outs and make the skil...
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    anger management :p

    So who ever has been beaten around the most can Win With Ease?! the person losing....wins...because they're losing... Is it just me or does that not 'really' make sence? (or the person with the worst team mate, that team wins because they have the worst player. ... ? )