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    embarassing doctor visits?

    checking for STD's isn't such a pleasure
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    New Solar System Abound!

    well 'war' would not be something to unite us, it actually divides us. Hitler had his army, terrorists do. it would have to be something we all stand against, such as invaders from space or just a meteorite that could destroy us. Ah well enough of that talk, the topic started out on the fact...
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    New Solar System Abound!

    agreed, but it will probably take a Global disaster of some kind to bond people and nations together.. However I agree with magus, there are still a lot of things to discover on our own planet. But then again actually trying to explore space and develop technology that can lead us to other...
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    Madden = Porn!?

    yeh porn is free all over the internet, and the same movie gets boring much faster than madden ;) (I hope anyway.. )
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    ESF group pictures 2003, 2004 and 2005

    oh yes that brings back memories :) loved them all, and i'm glad I was in all of them. good to see you dudeman
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    Yes very nice indeed. Some cool features in the film, also definitely a teaser. I like the details in the transformations, you can see it clearly when optimus prime transforms.
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    Enchanted arms

    It really looks to me like a final fantasy game, and I heard the story is superb. So i'll probably get it :) think it'll look great on my HD-TV
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    Enchanted arms

    I just watched the movie, the game looks great and fun. The guy is indeed homosexual, and they only put his scenes in that movie. Trust me the whole game is gonna be pretty cool. imagine a movie where you saw Yuffie from FFVIII the whole time with lame music behind it, it would also suck :P
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    Enchanted arms

    I couldn't click the link because i'm somewhere else than home, but from what i've seen, Enchanted Arms looks pretty good.
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    Official Video Thread o/

    This is more suitable for the 'off-topic' section. even though i'm no longer an official staff member, I don't think people will shoot me if I make this descision ;) *EDIT* Merged it with the video thread, didn't know there was a thread like that.
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    Dream Thread

    In one dream, I was running through the city because I was being chased. and for some reason I was suddenly standing in an art gallery, probably thinking that I needed a place with people to lose myself in. So I sat down on a couch in front of a painting and this guy who was chasing me suddenly...
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    Some explanation on this Telsa

    windmills and solar cells. nuclear power could be an option, it's cheap and clean.. However the waste in the end is a bit of a problem. But this is a whole other discussion ;) We don't really have a choice, we're exhausting all our resources.
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    Some explanation on this Telsa

    yes, it just to take a tour through the city and have people look at you. looks good, cars like that are the future. even has 185kW, that's more than our BMW Z3 which has 146 kW :O
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    Rate The Signature Above You... The Trilogy... 2

    simplicity is best! ;) I like it because it's actually meant to be this way, it actually achieves what it's trying to be :) so 8/10
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    Ps3 to Win Next-gen War

    I think there is going to be a big change. first of all, the wii is going to do pretty well I think. For me nintendo changed their image, from a 'kiddy-game' machine, to a nice social platform with lots of gameplay changes. which appeals to me. the ps3 ofcourse has great predecessors, but...