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    Multi attack---

    It could work...if ESF was for UT2k3.
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    and of course he'd gain the special attack: Holy Ki Beam of Antiock
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    the bots!

    Inbreds are better than nothing at all or stationary morons
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    Scatter Shot

    don't we all...don't we all
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    Wind...interesting. How bout instead you kind of have an anti-melee shield? You watch the show and while they're screaming, they're also destroying the ground around them. So maybe it's like a small little shield projected by their power gathering. Someone tries to melee you, they take no...
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    I say do what I do. Get killed and hit Trans as soon as you start. Besides lots of screaming, you mostly start in a secluded/untouchable area (I mostly play in cell-day, so maybe not on all maps). If that doesn't work, then fly around whooping ass till you get a faster transform time.
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    Bots, Patch ??

    Kick butt...really looking forward to the new bots
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    form 2 boo in beta 1 is thin boo?!

    Kid Buu was first, then Fat Buu, then Evil Buu vs Fat Buu, then Super Buu as he's been deemed, Gotenks+Piccolo Buu, Goten + Trunks + Piccolo buu (seen right before Gohan absorb), Gohan Buu, Everyone absorbed Buu (after he absorbs Vegetto), Kid Buu, Ubuu At least...that's what I think it is
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    Is there any way to run this game in a window instead of full screen?

    Create a shortcut and put -win after it. To return to full screen, type -full
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    Bots, Patch ??

    Would be kinda cool if his dev journal was updated every so often...then again, he's probably at home for the duration of his break and hanging wit family and friends
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    Much much much better. How bout combine the two. require 8 mil to go USSJ when not in SSJ, but require 12 mil to go USSJ in SSJ mode. I'm not sure of the HL programming language with characters and scaling things, but in regular programming, this is done with a...
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    Looks cool but one thought comes to mind. Will I hafta be 22 million out of SSJ2 to go SSJ3, or can I be SSJ2 when going 3?
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    Any bots that fight back?

    Currently it's a deathmatch only bot. Hopefully and probably, that will change
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    I forget what friendship does...but power is normally the best wish. If you ask me, IMO...Capture the Dballs should be Teamplay ONLY. In an FFA, it'd be dang near impossible to get all the Dragonballs in one area. "Okay...I just bring back this one and I got two...WTF??!! my first one is...
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    For quite a few of those guys, just read the DBZ: Butokai strat guide. They were given attacks, soooo...why not in ESF as well? Besides...everyone must see Super Saiyjin 3 Raditsu! Imagine that hair!