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    Putting Tien and having Multi form.

    offtopic^2k but i just found it fun to receive a "Reply to post 'Putting Tien and having Multi form.'" email, since my last post and last time on this board was, as mention aboved, 1,5 years ago woot :)
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    my point exactly, i just prefer a fully charged kamehameha on the wall next to him, or just blowing it up next to the shield :D
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    Fusion or not , goten must be in!

    mr.satan > he didn't say that only goten and gotenks know the kamehameha.. he said that kamehameha is the only move that goten and gotenks know how to do.. which is btw, totally wrong..
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    Another explosion idea!

    that's not a problem, cuz you should be able to sense there KI like in the show.. :)
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    Explosions = Bad

    vegeta we were talking about the bug(?) where you get too powerfull and your attacks just don't do any damage at all.. making big explosions are easy lolz
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    i don't see the big problem with the delay time.. right when you spawn you just hide and do it quickly and most of the times it works..
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    All Tranformations Regardless of Series?

    this is my idea of a the way to the perfect mod ( ;D ) transformations from gt included would roxor everything, even if it were to take time to make, i would wait! (i think :fight: )
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    melee idea!

    as Tepus said, thats already possible to do but if it were to be made easier(now im gonna repeat myself from another topic), if melee are made easier/stronger then it would only unbalance melee/beams even more.. so if this were to be input then i think beams should also get something new ^^
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    another melee idea

    this would be very nice, but it would make it even more unbalanced between melee and beams.. so beams should also get some new cool feature that makes it either faster or more destructive :rolleyes:
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    enable the spray logo!!!

    if are inserted, then in a matter of time will see half to full naked women all over the servers :rolleyes:
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    he also does in when he saves that oxking hill.. and in the special "In seach for the dragonballs", he uses that trick on a hole navy :) about adding yamcha... great idea.. the more the better :D im just afraid that he's to weak in health.. any of you tried M.u.g.e.n edition 2(dragonball)...
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    Putting Tien and having Multi form.

    gt trunks and chibi trunks rocks ~~ but about replaceing him.. don't think so, he's one of the main characters...
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    ive experienced gettin killed while having the shield up, by kamehamehas... don't know how if the shield is suppose to defend against blow radius aswell..
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    Can Someone Please Make Me a Model Of Goten?

    heh, even before i took the test i was known as goten between me and my brother, he was ofcuz, known as gohan =) so it's kinda fun that i take that test and that i got goten :D man that model is so sweet.. almost looks like it's for a hole other game engine :D
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    Buying Dragonball , Z and GT.

    those "all dbgt episodes" for 30$ on ebay are illegal.. he kinda bust himself when he says it lays on 7 CD-r's and that they are all good quality.. try search for it and see it urself ^^