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    Milkshape and Gmax

    I PAID FOR MINE! WOOHOO! its worth it cuz its only 20 dollars and you feel all warm inside because you didnt rip off chumbalasoft :)
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    Milkshape and Gmax

    gmax=**** 3dstudio max=way too complicated but good for renders and uv mapping milkshape 3d=simple and many import/export options WINNER: Milkshape 3d :)
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    Some Real Art!

    i don have a scanner at my house... but i do at my grandmas and i will be posting artwork soon :) but until then here is someone's artwork that was o the fan art page that i colored in psp7....
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    3.0 Hype!

    i got nothing against you joe... i hope you join a better mod where your skills can really be used....
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    3.0 Hype!

    i really dont care if you ban me cuz i am not coming back to these forums and android 16 i just said that as a joke between me and -|DbZ|- Piccolo... i didnt mean anything, i was just saying **** and it was funny... so sorry... but unban me? i never got banned sucka.... plus i am ****ed with ESF...
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    3.0 Hype!

    lets see... there WAS a clan for esf called -|DbZ|- and i was android 16 so **** off you ***** before i come down there and kill you and your mom... and I have played BOTM once and its the gayest piece of **** i have ever seen... so **** off i had this name first so go butt**** your dad... and i...
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    3.0 Hype!

    not that much cool stuff.... just buu and transformations... thats it.... and a new melee system, but not much more...
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    Esf Team

    HAHAHAH yeah he did... i went to play ESF before and there were about 20 players, nowe ther are like 5.....
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    What happened to The Rage?

    bwHAHAHAHAHAHAH... i am the head animator for FOC and we are gonna w00p all DbZ Mods.... its gonna be great.... :)
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    SSJ3 Goku

    those all suck...... all of those models are cheap and were made just by moving vertices.... and they are all just giant spikes.....
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    Esf Team

    ummm... first of all your always spamming, and second-- VT RUINED THIS MOD! he destoyed the -|DbZ|- Clan and the -[gF]- and ****ed off a bunch of other people, so now there are a total of 10 people playing ESF... there are more people on the team now than players.........
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    So whos been banned?

    i don;t think you guys understand on what people are saying, its not the name, its just its a racist game, and not everyone wanted this to happen, actually, most of them didn't... thats like making a game called "Lets go kill some mexicans cuz they are illegally moving into america" so stop this...
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    Models to look at!

    nice except the first gun's handle looks a little weird.... i like the colt alot, can i have it?
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    New GFX Clan

    umm... i wouldnt have said that if you wouldn't have made the immature comment of my sig being ugly.... shows that your immature also...
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    Im quitting esf.

    i know this guy in real life, so dont yell at me for insulting him.... shut up gotenks cuz no one cares if you leave... the world will not be any worse if you leave....