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    Changeling Trooper Skin!

    i Like it :laff: will it have a Tranz form or no
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    Chibi Vegeta

    As a fan of vegeta's i have to say that its a damn good edit/model i luv it.. But do u think u can make all of them characters Chibi?!?!?!? it would be funny to see evil buu Chibi :laff:
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    my final post

    damn sad too see u go man :cry: i hope u do well on your next thing u do ;) I hope u come see us all again soo Plzz :smile:
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    Giji Super Sayian-jin Reskin

    u the upload is not working :cry: can u Fix it
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    Y would they need weapon O_o :confused: O_o .:confused:.. They could juss fight. Not everyone has a weapon for melee in beta 1.1... Is that not wat he is makeing it for?!?!?!... I would juss like to see the models realy. I am a big FAN of TMNT.. damn aint every one?!?!?!... So if some one steps...
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    17 Wip

    yeah i luv it. keep up the good work
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    Ultimate SSJ4

    do u have a sit where i can DL your work. i had it but forgot it srry
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    namek goku

    i still cant see the pic tho
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    My edits!

    me to its damn good. I think u juss have fun wit comming up u new idea's. very nice job on that edit.
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    Super Buu Done

    O that is so *[]0*[]*[]V[]*[]0* man keep up the good work. O and where can i find your models again :confused: cuz i forgot wat your site was called :cry:
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    Yamcha release

    Nice O_O cant wait to see it. Kepp up the good work :yes:
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    My edits!

    so umm cracker jack do u have a site or something :confused: and are they out cuz i luv your Edits. There great but i dont know how to get them?!?!?!