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    Kill Bill

    I liked it but it didn't meet the hype and expectations that i was epexting O_o. And if anyone even noticed that i was internet is gone for the time being
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    can someone just e-mail me there gotenks file?

    Considering I made the pack, You could always just AIM me at Bryggz (duh) and i can send it easy cheesy
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    Time Killers!! (Post your time killers here! Share ;) )

    Hey What do y'all guys do when you're bored as **** and the forum isn't so active and bolstering? List some things you guys like to do, (preferably online, considering it's what i'm referring to, but anything will do. I personally kill hours of time in the simplicity that is anaroch online...
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    SSJ2 Gohan Releasel

    I agree with the "old" look he seems to have.....everything else is amazing though...although his face seems to have too much definition, if you know what i mean, it's almost like his face muscles are toned like his arm muscles....which isn't necessary. Anyways, I like the coloring in the hair...
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    New Aura

    Modelviewer---> anyways, why does milkshape keep crashing on you? Is it during the compiling process that it does this? If so, then you must have the color pallette wrong for the textures, as they all must be the same......(i forget, either 256 or...
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    "Pumping ps " Heads out of the gutter!

    I think this will add an entire new element to gameplay, imagine the small guy finally being able to contend with the big boys, ki-wise, that is. :shocked: This is gonna be awesome.
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    "Pumping ps " Heads out of the gutter!

    Saw this in the development List for 1.2.....can someone clarify this for me?
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    They Did It Again! ABC News Smuggles Depleted Uranium into US!

    Wow you at least managed to use the edit button, too bad your grammer is the equivalent of a second grader (I don't care where you're from) Anyways, Why the **** does our news stations feel compelled to publicize this ****? I mean really, is jeopardizing our country's welfare really worth the...
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    Grieve for the Skies

    I think I'll have to be the minority in this thread, and actually give some crits there's only one thing I think that could make this a better piece. 1) Make garnet more blended into the background, set her opacity to a more transparent look....And i think it'll look perfect. Her vivid...
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    Love Or Money 2

    I don't watch tv anymore, period.... but i did happen to watch some "reality" shows at some point at a friend's house. I wanted to gouge my ****ing eyes out because of it's inane stupidity. The whole concept was fudged.
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    Your Ultimate Transformation™

    Personally, I'd just look at my I did some sort of crime, feeling the raw strength pulse in my vains. I'd then look up into the sky and give out a scream so loud that anyone within a fairly large radius would lose hearing for some time. My eye color would turn Into a...
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    RIAA hellspawns

    I never really saw the problem with file-sharing, myself. I only saw kazaa as a try-it-before-you-buy-it kind of deal. I download see if I like the band. If i love their work, I support them by buying their cd. I doubt this goes for many other people, but personally, anything I've...
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    Favorite 'mythical' creature?

    I guess I'll be the first one to choose something INTERESTING!!!! My favorite mythical creature is the Chimaira, I mean come on, it's three creatures combined into one to make one badass monster The chimaera was a fire breathing creature that had the parts of a lion (foreparts), goat...
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    Asteroid in 2014 :(

    Btw news-flash, if we DID shatter the rock if it WERE to head straight for us, then the remaining debris would most likely burn up in the Earth's atmosphere, deeming it most harmless.
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    Your idea of heaven

    "Energy can not be created, nor destroyed. Only changed" Through that quote I find reincarnation to be the only "After-life" Why else would we only remember things only after a certain age? I don't remember being one....and our brains were quite competant for memories, if I recall. I believe...