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    Help needed in creating a new mod

    I am making a new mod which runs on the hl engine. It going to be based on transformers and i need a decent modeler, possibly more that one to make models for me. I have loads of reference pics and ordered the DvD of the film for possible movements and transforming etc. I also need a...
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    Suggestions for a major revamp

    i'm not 100% sure, when i am using the shield it takes a while but it comes up while i am charging it
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    Suggestions for a major revamp

    Turbo effects melee loads, if you start the game and have buu vs gohan, each attack buu pulls off with do twice as much damage, this is due to his ki being twice as big. Trubo increases ki, it therefore helps melee. Swooping doesnt automatically put turbo on. With gohans shield, if you use...
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    Suggestions for a major revamp

    elemental dragon, i have done a shield attack thats taken the whole map only by taking in a kameha, the longer you hold right click (which makes you vunerable) the more powerful it gets. Plus if you want to input read the whole arguemnt, we have already discussed beam jumps.
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    Suggestions for a major revamp

    hl engine can have breakables. crates in cs is a good example, walls in dod is another, but as it has been stated in stikies they are not doing it, so it doesnt matter
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    I gotta put my thoughts out

    teleporting really is alot about judgement of distance, but its not only that you need a perception of what your opponent will do. if you can anticipate where your opponent will attack and you teleport out the way, you can then teleport back to where you were and kick him. i guess it...
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    Redifineable Homeing

    would be nice in theory, but it may unbalance the game, picollo can charge up to 8 scatter shots, imagine being chased by them, at the moment its not that hard to dodge them but they are really useful against floored opponents, or helping out a friend in need. i find a useful tactic is to...
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    Suggestions for a major revamp

    must just be my pc then, trails should be left in the, fair enough. but does no one else think that moves should be more personalised. i mean yeah everyone needs generic beam but people need different ki blast attacks - even in the program its different. Vegeta tends to pump people full of...
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    Suggestions for a major revamp

    im not talking about computer lag, my computer is fine runs perfectly, im talking about when all the pings in the server raise by 100 or so. Please do not spam and i meant krillin looses scattershot to gain kameha
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    Suggestions for a major revamp

    i will say this once more, just once. gohan starts with maesnko and sheild attack when he goes ssj he gets Sheild attack and kameha here is a graph to show you Sheild attack / maseko / kameha before...
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    Trunks Sword...banned?

    i used the sword and im not sure but is it not just the same as normal melee but with a finisher which leaves you more vunerable to attack?
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    Most Logical (New) Characters to have in ESF?

    cant really inculde the androids as they had unlimited ki, cant really include yancha as he is so weak. No fusions allowed so that rules out gotenks. goten and trunks would be just the same as gohan and trunks to be honest. Tien would be quite good, apparantly he could transform and gain a...
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    Generic Ball

    This has been suggested before and it is being put to mastasurf, so me not being a moderater or working for the esf team i dont really know if it will happen but it would be nice.
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    Second Fire Renzoduken Dan.

    i quite like this idea of having a galtling gun effect, like that of yuris tanks in RA. However what would the max rate of fire be, imagine a glitch where it just kept getting faster and faster (obv wouldnt happen but still) basically how fast would it go and would it still creat ki blobs...
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    Suggestions for a major revamp

    i think again you misunderstand about the unique attack. Each character would have 2 main attacks. One would be replaced at transformation. IE. Gohan could start with shield attack and measeko (which he does) and he would loose meoasko to gain kameha which is overall a more powerful move...