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    Abandoned Project ?

    Agreed, I've played ESF since 1.1, long history me and ESF had. Good luck @ 1.3 ESF team =).
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    New forums look!

    aw thanks :) (love the new smilies)
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    New forums look!

    I've been gone awile, used to play both ESF 1.1 and 1.2...the new forums look nice =) Hi! edit: oh man, my avatar/sig are so dorky :(
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    Got new monitor - image quality bad

    Okay guys, my new I-inc 25 inch HDMI monitor just arrived in the mail yesterday ( specs are here ), and the image quality is terrible. The colours are all washed out and look bad, and yes I'm running at 1920x1080 native resolution. Even...
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    Anyone want a free WoW trial?

    I want my mount please, plus you get 10 days...-_-'. Just PM me your email =D.
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    Madcatz Xbox 360 controller buttons mapped wrong

    I recently purchased a Madcatz Xbox 360 wired controller for use on my PC, downloaded the Microsoft Xbox360 controller drivers, and am using it right now. It is displayed properly everywhere, but the buttons are mapped wrong in games. My A button is recognized as X, my start button is recognized...
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    Hi guys

    Left ESF for a long time, am playing it again, nice to see old faces like Ren and Neon....even though I return to the forums with a crippled(?) user name, still saying hi!
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    Major Steam Update Coming

    Hey, don't disrespect the ads! They are like a texture pack for CS 1.6, just look at those high-rez ads compared to the envierment around them!
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    Did Blockbuster just decide the winner of the next-gen DVD race?

    Sony must be danceing right now....the only point of the PS3 and everything they did over the last 1.5 years was for Blu-Ray....Sony's going to be ranken in the profits soon.
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    DX10 - Any good?

    Everyone stop worrying, by time DX10 is mainsteam then tons of cheap DX10 cards will be out,
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    I want to buy a laptop

    I already have a gaming desktop, and was planning to buy a laptop for schoolwork and notes, but I would also like to have games like Ut2004, Hitman 2, Sodier of Furtune, and WOW on it. Anything older then 2005 would bne fine for the laptop I chose right? Also this may be a noobish question...
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    I want to buy a laptop

    What about this Dell? PROCESSOR Intel? Core? 2 Duo processor T5300 (2MB Cache/1.73GHz/533MHz FSB) OPERATING SYSTEM Genuine Windows Vista? Home Premium LCD DISPLAY 17 inch Wide Screen XGA+ Display with TrueLife? MEMORY FREE 2GB at 533MHz Shared Dual Channel DDR2 - $350 Value HARD DRIVE...
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    I want to buy a laptop

    Hey all, so I've thought about it and want to buy a laptop - first I thought of getting a bare bones "work" laptop, but I want to know what kind of gaming laptop I can get for $1000.00-$1200.00 CANADIAN dollars. Can you all recommended something for me?
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    Pc refuses to start up.

    Okay, you have 2 options: Either go into youur computer and pull out your BIOS battery, expose it to air for 30 seconds or so then put it back in. It looks like the BIOS may have a problem if it freezes before Windows loads up. BUt then again, if your able to get into Safe Mode still, ignore...
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    It has something to do with the crutel brain development that happens during infancy, also when your an infant, everything is new to you, so the brain processes and decypors more information at once, but as you get older your brain will "throw away" what may not be importent. It's like...