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Dec 14, 2005
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I'm working out the details of an enormous document of suggestions, as I mentioned earlier in a different thread, and I'm stuck on advanced melee.

I want to speed it up -- it's far too slow right now. But I'd like to run my idea by a few people here first, lest it otherwise tarnish my "perfect" document's flowing structure. My idea, which may or may not have been suggested before, is to remove the stun time from advanced melee completely. The random arrow element is removed as well.

Prepunching is extended to 18 hits. The initial hit, the initiation of advanced melee, is accompanied by a flash and a brief pause in the characters' animation to fake "slow-mo" (fun fact: this is how the developers of the HL mod "The Specialists" created their slow-mo and slow-pause effects). The time to execute combos is from the end of the initial pause until hit 12. This acts as the "stun time", and works much like it does now; the attacking player inputs directions as long as they are holding MOUSE1, or MOUSE1 and MOUSE2, and arrows still appear. When the attacker registers their 12th hit, the first arrow appears to the defender.

Speed is the key defense for the player attacked. The second arrow does not appear until the first is pressed, right or wrong, and the defender can respond until the attacker reaches prepunch number 18. After hit 18, the attacker "fires" their attacks, and the defender blocks the attacks he was able to accurately press.

(Sorry, cutting this post off here, I need sleep. Now. But I want some input. Tomorrow.)
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Nov 21, 2003
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OK i see some things wrong there.

1.) If you remove the random arrow all hits will be blocked (exept by noobs) To be frank the only way to hit someone is to get a random.

2.) The defender has from punch 12 to punch 18 to block. So you say you get hit 18 times from prepunch in any case. I kinda like the 1 by 1 arrows part. But if you can block 6+ punches in 6 prepunch animations than i give you loads of cash.

The idea sounds good but is realy not that good for gameplay. Try working that out a bit.

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