1. NehuIII

    HL or HL:S to run ESF

    Hi everyone and first of all sorry for my bad english. I'll buy Half-Life to can play all hl mods and i have a question. Can i buy Half-Life source and run esf or i need to have the first hl version?. That's all, thanks
  2. G

    A question about ESF Final

    Hello Esf Team i have a question about the new game Esf Final 1)i just have to ask no about the release date just about the Percentage so my question is how much Percentage the game done already ??? Tnx For Help AnyBody !!!
  3. Blashix

    Offline ESF 1.3 Question

    Will there be the option to play in ESF 1.3 do single player or offline game?
  4. Akrur

    Just a quick question

    Hello! I am very interested in playing this mod but I have few questions just to make sure: 1. Do I need Half Life and if so which one. 2. Does it run on steam. If the answers are obvious, sorry, I just couldn't find an answer.
  5. U

    Power Struggle Question????

    I don't know if this has been answered already or not, but has it been confirmed that when are in a power struggle the beams from both player increase in size over time as well as the center? Also, will the explosion increase in damage and AOE? The reason I ask is remember back in 1.1 where...
  6. N

    a question about the end esf

    I would ask when he would be available to download esf ultimate hope your answers
  7. N

    A Question

    hi just wanna ask when will be available the end esf thanks
  8. T

    A few question about the combat system

    Been playing for 2 days now and A few things bother me about the combat. Also I am not saying the game is bad just things I found to be kinda dumb, also if one of these issues is just something I didn't know you could do please lemme know if there's attacks, maneuvers, or something else I am...
  9. T

    I see the recents vids and I have a question about ESF

    I just installed it and ECX RC2 and I am wondering what I need to install to have my game look as good as the trailers do?
  10. RobiZ

    Introduction and 2 questions(don't worry none of them are : when it will come out)

    So hello. :) I'm newly registered member ,but i have been here for like 3 years (?) not much, but anyways. Respect for those who are here for 10 years and more. So I have 2 questions that ,I think, hasn't been asked here ( well at least one of them) 1) Will it be possible to change the...
  11. N

    A Question

    I want to know if that new esf now ready for download please answer
  12. EndreVanan

    Question about the roster

    I understand super-powerful characters like Kid Buu, Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, Cell, etc., are all going to be playable. But will the strongest of the strong Dragon Ball Z characters make his way into his first playable debut in ANYTHING in ESF: Final?
  13. C

    Question about ESF

    Hello as you can see im new here and i must say the esf edition in half life is great idea big thanks to the creators :) Sorry if this is wrong side to post a thread but i cant post in problems. well this isnt a problem is just a question 1. Can u tell me why i cant go super saiyan 4...
  14. Reading Rainbow

    Ginyu Force question

    I was looking at the ESF FAQ characters and transformations and I saw this: Ginyu : 1.000.000 (base) Guldo : 2.000.000 Jeice : 4.000.000 Burter : 6.000.000 Recom : 8.000.000 all the characters go from base (weakest) to an ascended version of themselves but here it looks like Ginyu, the...
  15. N

    A Question

    well I just want to ask if the end esf now available for download because I have really wanted to play please contestemen thanks
  16. Blashix

    Half Life (non-steam) - my question

    Hi, can I play on the final esf.1.3 for Half Life (non-steam) ?
  17. EliteMarine

    Latest Video Question In the latest video shown above can someone explain why there is a Vegeta head that pops up in the HUD? I know you planned to remove it but can you tell me why it is there?
  18. Blashix

    ESF ECX RC2 - Question

    I have a question I can play in it for ECX RC2 game. But I Goku SSJ3 vs Goku ssj3 lined boot? I Goku SSJ3 vs Majin Vegeta ( in the game ) player vs bot.
  19. mannypolston


    is there going to be a difference in appearence between super sayian 1 and 2 not just their hair being different . And I know alot of people asked but will their be a majin vegeta.
  20. B

    Serious question (I'm not even joking)

    I'm dead serious about this question: How the hell can super man lift up a giant rock of kryptonite after just getting his ass kicked on it? I'm lost.
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