Official KOFXI Site Finally Opens...

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Nov 10, 2002
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The Official KOFXI Site is finally open:

Its about damn time tongue.gif There are some new screenshots on the site that haven't been seen before. You can also view the characters page which shows you the artwork of the new characters and stuff-

Momoko - A teenage girl who uses Capoiera as her fighting technique.
Oswald - A gambler with abilities similar to Gambit (he throws cards at you)
Elizabeth - Her fighting technique seems self taught, and theres still nothing on how she ties in with the storyline. She uses a horse whip as a weapon.

They still haven't announced if this game will have a console port yet. And this game hasn't even been released yet, supposedly it will be released in Arcades across Japan around October.

Also, Eiji Kisaragi reappears in the KOF Series after his first and last appearance in KOF'95. Hese been gone for pretty much, ten years.

EDIT: Forgot to add, Fatal Fury's "Duck King" makes his first appearance in the KOF Seires as well as Garou: Mark of the Wolve's Bonne Jenet.

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