1. Prince_Vegeta

    Finally registered!

    Hey! The one and only Prince_Vegeta is back! I've been following the mod/playing for quite a long time(7years or so?(Tho I havent played actively anymore for a long time). I have been checking the site for atleast a few times a week for past few years, always hoping to see a new amazing...
  2. K

    Finally! Another entitled kid who can't wait for the mod!

    Just kidding, it isn't coming out, right? I heard quite a few people say that the hype was built for nothing, and that the developers, as shown on the front page, have only had the ability to show a new single model in the passed few months. I hate to agree with such a negative viewpoint, but at...
  3. The Deco

    It's free, IT'S FINALLY FREEEEEE!!!

    Champions online became not too long ago a free2play game! I'm downloading it now and it should be awesome! I am not the kind of a guy who enjoys playing click and wait game, but the theme of superheros attracts the shnizzle out of me. I will suffer for that. If anybody is already playing or...
  4. Suh Dude

    Finally, something Glenn Beck and I can agree to: This man knows his math.
  5. TehMuffinMan

    Finally, a proper MMO

    Looks pretty epic for an alpha two years in development
  6. J-Dude

    BIOS Concerns

    Alright, so my new computer is structurally almost done. Finally got my RAM, plugged in all 8gb's. Hard drive is in place, front panel wiring is go. All data is backed-up on my MyBook. Windows 7 Disc ready. Just need to get some thermal paste, snap on the heatsink, turn off the machine I'm using...
  7. M

    Finally ssj4

    Guys i did it I was reinstalling esf about 5 times and last time i vas messing up with the files and it worked thank everyone for theri help thx guys it seems the problem was that I didn't intall something correctly...:):):):):):):)
  8. Jariroth

    One year of fighting, finally over...

    As some of you might remember me from the end of year 2007, i was about to go serve my time in finnish army. And to clear things up, in finland going to army isnt voluntary work, after turning 20 every boy in finland is called to army regardless if you want to or not. However there is...
  9. Damaera

    Finally! Mass Effect 2 makes its first appearance in March! This is fantastic, I can't wait.
  10. Damaera

    Sven Coop is FINALLY out! That's right, it's finally out. Anybody want to play some coop?
  11. Odin

    i finally ****ing did it >:D

    alright. For the past couple days during my boredom time, I've been playing this computer chess game, called "Shredder Chess". Apparently, this game is known for having the best computerized chess program. It's won several world championships(, and I(Odin a.k.a your...
  12. Killface

    Is my computer finally dying?

    As of lately... whenever i power on my computer, it takes around 45 minutes to boot up (thats not an exadderation... its seriously 45 minutes). It just sits at the windows loading screen and "loads" for an abnormally long time. The actual Operating System runs fine, its quick with loading...
  13. Zeonix

    Karadzic Finally Arrested

  14. Killface

    I gots my car finally

    .... Well its not as cool looking as that, but its similar looking =P My dad is buying me a 1999 Pontiac Sunfire... cuz i need a car to get to school, and he needs his back. It has only 19,000 miles on it, and were getting it for only $3,000. Yea, i'm pretty stoked :D
  15. G

    OK Finally Finshed Off My Game

    Finally, after alot of hard work, I have finally Finished MY DBZ Game (Which is on Byond) and come check it out, Hope you will Enjoy It And Thank Again, Just Come Check It Out >_> Also Check out the videos i also made for it
  16. Mr.Lukyas

    Finally Holyday

    Finally!!!! The last day of the school. I'm free now (exept, I have to learn for an accept exam unlol) Im probably going to gymnasia. What about U guys. Which high school U are/did/will go in?
  17. frsrblch

    Building a computer... finally.

    Well, now that I have a job (and I'll be able to pay for most of this in the next 7 days work), I think it's high time to replace this old Dell of mine. This time around, I'm going to build it myself. I'm operating around $2000 CDN (give or take) budget for this. I know we have some local...
  18. Optimus Prime

    Woah Woah! Mainstream media FINALLY calling out Jack Thompson?

    Was actually a great read.
  19. S

    ME Grimlock Finally Finished

    Well I finally got some time after marking last semesters stuff at work. So got another texture done on this model some may remember. Hope ya all like
  20. DiebytheSword

    Souten No Ken is finally being fansubbed.

    For those of you who don't know, Souten no Ken is the prequel to Fist of the North Star, and follows the 62nd Hokuto Shinken successor, Kasumi Kenshiro, through his adventures before WWII. I'm getting it now, can't wait to see it. Due to the rules, I'm not allowed to tell you where to get...