1. Spunky

    Napster Opens MP3 Store

  2. D

    when i start it opens cs

    hello i got 1 question when i klick the button for the game esf my computer loads counter strike and not that game..
  3. X

    Official KOFXI Site Finally Opens...

    The Official KOFXI Site is finally open: Its about damn time tongue.gif There are some new screenshots on the site that haven't been seen before. You can also view the characters page which shows you the artwork of the new characters and...
  4. K

    HELP! i have ESF but it opens to Couner Strike!!!

    i have downloaded ESF but it always opens to CS on steam... how do i get ESF to work on steam i have all downloads 1.1 patch and 1.1beta... and this weird one Version 2 beta ESF..please help me
  5. Jarrstin

    ESF Fanatics Opens!!!!!! We need staff and other openings...

    I finally got the site up. *link editted* Right now, it's pretty generic. But I need staff. I have a huge list of the types of people I need for the site such as Graphic Artists, web designers, modelers, moderators, and way more. The idea of the site is to heavily promote the ESF...
  6. SierraSonic

    ESFSTUFF Opens!

    We have opened!!! Visit We are short on files currently, but we are excepting files and they will be uploaded as soon as possible. After the file is uploaded we will ask you for some info on the file, we also recommend small screenshots, if applicable. 320x240.
  7. G

    Dragon Ball D website opens!!

    A new mod is under development, Dragon Ball D. It will be a Doom III total conversion based on dbz. for more info go to the official website cya :laff:
  8. K

    .ACE to.MDL

    Some one wanna tell me how to change a .ACE file to a .MDL (or if i can) so i can use some of the odd files i get sometimes.
  9. Black Saiyan

    Milkshape 3d HELP!

    when i open my model it opens everything but the face it says this when i load up my model Adding group: body-256 Adding group: face ERROR: loading texture: "face.bmp" any ideas whats wrong
  10. Bryggz

    Suggestions for new animations

    ok guys i feel that ill need a seperate thread for this cause this post would easily get lost in those 20 something pages. I want some suggestions for new animations i can make! so far ive made..... change_long, change_finish, a new swoop animation, i did make a new charge_kamehameha but soccer...
  11. SSJ4_Cell

    The Small Pack

    I have made a pack called Small Pack, it contains: Vegeta and Goku 1 CM tall SSJ Vegeta and SSJ3 Goku 1 CM tall Credits: ESF Team! Bryggz! Download: Click here. - You need WinZip/Ace/RAR!
  12. G

    esf only opens for a few secs

    well its like the subject says after i play like 10 seconds esf closes and i cant come into esf enny more even in halflife then i have to restart my computer to play halflife so what should i do? can it be that you shouldnt come into esf with all seeying eye?? i donno...... can plz som1 help...